Worried about the future?

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  1. I personally argee with the view of Professor Niall Ferguson on this… “history repeats itself”. Not that Professor Ferguson coined that phrase, but in the context of recent historic events. Recent being a couple of thousand years.

    Every civilisation crashes.

    We may be very clever and successful in our current paradigm, however as Professor Brian Cox points out so succintly, we are constantly moving to a state of higher entropy.

    Our current modern social system does have some possible vectors that could result an overt systematic failure.

    Along a long enough timeline, every civilisation must crash, in fact the 2nd law of thermodynamics indeed predicts that every single system must crash.

    It would not surprise me if there was collapse/catrastrophe meme found in an evolutionary pyschology study and not just 1885.

    Like the recent sensation that New Zealand evolutionary psychologist, Quentin Atkinson, has created by claiming that all modern languages have a common root.

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