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Heaven To Hell

With apologies to Joel Pett…

What if it's a big hoax
What if it's a big hoax

A better world? You wish. As Karl  Popper once remarked, “Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell“‬‪.

catastrophism Climate Change CO2 Emissions Culture Global Warming Omniclimate Policy Politics

Please Move To Costarica (And It Won't Be Enough…)

The nef people have just told us that “good lives don’t have to cost the Earth” in their 2009 “The (un)Happy Planet Index 2.0” report.

Or do they? Top of the list comes Costarica, a wonderful country if you ask me, the best place on Earth to live in if you don’t want to be poor, have your life cut short or live iwth a gian ecological footprint. But alas that is not enough:

Costa Rica narrowly fails to achieve the goal of ‘one-planet living’

Unbelievable, isn’t it? On a positive note, nef acknowledges that previous “Happiness” measurements were a tad too fundamentalist, with that paradise called Haiti ranked first, despite its murder rate, abysmal poverty, garbage-built shanty towns, etc etc

The country with the highest I based on the data for 2005, would be Haiti – which has very poor levels of life satisfaction and life expectancy, but the smallest ecological footprint: 0.5 gha

Anyway…let’s wait until nef moves its HQ from London to somewhere near San José, shall we…

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Sustainable Energy Is The Way Forward (To Oblivion)

Gabriel Calzada Alvarez PhD. and others’ by-now-famous “Study of the effects on employment of public aid to renewable energy sources” has been hailed as a “blunt and devastating [examination], labeling [green] investments to be ‘terribly economically counterproductive’“. And it has been debunked” as having “numerous flaws.

I think too many people are missing the point…”sustainable energy” is sustainable in the sense that in the medium if not short term it will make all of us poor and jobless, therefore drastically reducing our greenhouse emissions.

As a bonus, it will also make most of the Western world wretched enough to be wholly unattractive to Third World workers, thereby resolving the immigration issues as well.

Here’s a couple of signs of what bright-minded greenies are preparing for us…