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Donne Parcheggiano 450 Kilometri Prima Del Previsto

Una vetusta battuta che probabilmente non fa neanche piu’ ridere, ma chi puo’ resistervi? 😎

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Women Miss Destination By 295 Miles

Third episode in what is surely the most tired running-joke in this blog 8-))

Notably, the crew has almost certainly spent some time getting crushed at several times the Earth’s sea-level gravity. As somebody has already commented “It can’t be much fun to spend a few minutes at 10G following six months in microgravity“. 

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A Giant Leap for South Korea(n Women)

As recently as eight years ago, South Korean women were described “virtually powerless when it comes to voting on legislation, setting national policy or turning the wheels of bureaucracy“.

Today, one of them, Yi So-yeon, is the first citizen of her country to reach orbit. Having replaced a not necessarily clever first-choice, a male of course: rather too mistake-prone for his Russian hosts.

Is that a good metaphor or what?