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An Exact Model Would Still Be Just a Model

Proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming often defend their case by stating that models can match observations only “when anthropogenic forcing is included“.

That is a very fallacious argument.

A model, any model is a representation of the world, and as such its internal behaviour demonstrate nothing about its validity as a faithful representation of the world.

Astronomy was able to function for 1400 years between Ptolemy and Copernicus depicting planetary movements with epicycles and deferents. That model works pretty well (have a go at this website), still would anybody use that to argue that the Earth is at the center of the Universe?

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Ptolemy’s Revenge

2154 years after being written, and 464 years after being rendered obsolete by Copernicus, the Ptolemaic System is coming back with a vengeance, masquerading as Garrett Lisi’s Theory of Everything