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Serbia: Facciamo gli Scongiuri!!!

Sono il primo a dire che la Serbia non va lasciata isolata, chiunque vinca le elezioni di oggi, ma lasciatemi esprimere un deciso entusiasmo al sentire che il Presidente Tadic ha probabilmente resistito all’assalto elettorale degli ultranazionalisti di Nikolic (e dei confusi di Kostunica).

Quasi un regalo di Natale in anticipo…

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Serbia: Fingers Crossed!!!

I would be the first one to say Serbia should not be left isolated no matter who wins today’s elections BUT I have to admit if President Tadic’s party has indeed succeeded as reported by the BBC and others, well, that’s SUPERLATIVE GOOD NEWS indeed…

Feels like an early Christmas!!!

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Go Serbia!!!

Let’s hope the news don’t change through the night.

This is just a step towards uniting Europe (the really big push forward can only come from the EU itself: sadly, the Netherlands of Srebrenica memory are among those refusing to play fair, at the moment, together with Belgium and its inability to do much about the Rwanda genocide).

Still, a Tadic victory goes (would go) in the right direction.