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First It Was "Congestion", Now It's "CO2 Emissions"

Isn’t it telling that the London road pricing scheme originally called “Congestion Charge” in 2002, has now been tramsmogrified into a “CO2 emissions Charge”? (“Mayor gets tough on London’s ‘Chelsea tractors‘”, IHT, Feb 13)

Having evidently excelled in cutting down gridlocks (not at all!!!), Mayor Ken Livingstone has now found a new, populist target.

Perhaps it was just too fashionable to pass: a swipe against evil CO2-producing machines reviled by pretty much anybody unable to afford them.

Experience suggests the new scheme will only slightly ameliorate the status of the City Council’s coffers, whilst congestion and CO2 emissions will keep growing unabated. And so the point as usual will have been about being _seen_ to be doing something, rather than to achieve any practical result.