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Dr Who Doesn't Believe In Climate Change

Dr Who doesn’t believe in climate change…at least, that’s what is apparent from this picture of somewhere in the UK (presumably, London), dated Nov 21, 2059:

Dr Who: Nov 21, 2059
Dr Who: Nov 21, 2059

(yes I was beaten to this)

The latest Dr Who episode “The Waters of Mars” is unlikely to be available outside of the UK, so I won’t provide any detail about the circumstances of the above 😎

Notably, Dr Who’s resurrecter Russel T Davies is mentioned in a March 2008 Daily Mail article as having said that “the only plot he would avoid was the environment because he could not give audiences a happy ending“. But having watched every one of this century’s episodes, I really cannot recall any meaningful (non-playful) reference to global warming or climate change.

Notably, according to “an exclusive-to-Internet Doctor Who short story that was published on the BBC website as part of the 2007 Doctor Who Advent Calendar” and probably read by very few, “by the 52nd century, winters never occurred due to global warming” . But humour is never far away, with lines such as “What’s your warp footprint, Doctor?