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Russia e Georgia: Dick Cheney…in Italia?

E che ci viene a fare il Vice-Presidente USA Dick Cheney, gia’ Segretario (Ministro) della Difesa all’epoca della fine dell’URSS, in visita ufficiale in Italia la settimana prossima, dopo Georgia, Ucraina e Azerbaijan?

President Bush has asked Cheney to travel to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Italy next week for discussions with these key U.S. partners on issues of mutual interest, according to a White House news release.

Per “discutere argomenti di mutuo interesse”. E quali sono gli argomenti di mutuo interesse fra l’Italia, gli USA e le altre tre nazioni nella lista, se non qualcosa che ha a che fare con i contratti ENI per la estrazione e distribuzione di gas e petrolio?

Insomma il Vice-Presidente Cheney, gia’ alla testa di una Task Force sull’Energia nel 2001, sembra voler dire chiaramente che dal punto di vista dell’Amministrazione Bush, tutta la confusione intorno alla difesa della democrazia georgiana contro i bulli di Mosca, e’ quasi unicamente una faccenda di gas e petrolio…

Bush: Right about the Surge?

I usually appreciate David Brooks’ peculiar take on many subjects, but am not sure I follow his reasoning about the Surge (“Look at that surge…“, IHT, June 25).

Brooks tells us President Bush and VP Cheney have made the “right” decision when they increased the US presence in Iraq by 20,000 troops. That may be correct but…wouldn’t it be more meaningful to discuss why exactly they made the right decision?

As the saying goes, not even the astrologer can be wrong all of the time. Among the hundreds and hundreds of decisions made by the Bush admnistration over the course of more than seven years in office, surely some “have” to be “right”, whatever the astuteness and courage of the people in charge.

Does the fact that the Surge appears to have achieved “large, tenuous gains” help build up confidence for the remaining six months of President George W Bush? One wonders what Brooks would say about that…

Bush and Clinton Forever

A roadmap to from 1989 to…2057

Americans under the age of 45 have never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot, either in the Presidential or Vice Presidential slot. (President George Herbert Walker Bush was on the winning 1980 republican ticket as Ronald Reagan’s VP.)

Americans under the age of 37 have never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot as the choice for President.