English Ethics

“Everybody’s got too much of something”

A poignant advert campaign is circulating in France, thanks to employment agency ADIA, against all sorts of discriminations: “Urgent: let’s recruit humans“.

One of the messages really gets down to the point, and it is applicable also outside of work matters:

“Too black,
too old,
too educated,
too brown,
too atheist,
too young,
too female,
too gay,
too white,
too Muslim,
too political,
too disabled,
too heterosexual,
too Jewish,
Too this,
too that…
Really, looking hard enough, everybody’s got too much of something.
To discriminate, is to begin to dehumanize. […]” […]”

Etica Italiano Liberta'

“A cercar bene, tutti hanno qualcosa di troppo”

C’e’ una bellissima pubblicita’ che ho sentito alla radio francese in queste settimane, promossa dall’agenzia d’impiego ADIA, contro tutte le discriminazioni: “Urgent: recrutons humains

Ci sono anche dei poster, ma il messaggio che ho sentito mi sembra molto efficace, ed applicabile al di la’ del problema del lavoro:

“Trop noir,
trop vieux,
trop diplômé,
trop maghrébin,
trop athée,
trop jeune,
trop femme,
trop neuf-trois,
trop homosexuel,
trop blanc,
trop musulman,
trop politique,
trop Neuilly-Passy,
trop handicapé,
trop hétérosexuel,
trop juif,
trop ceci,
trop cela…
Finalement, en cherchant bien, tout le monde a quelque chose de trop.
La discrimination c’est le début de la déshumanisation. […]”

ps ma che vorra’ dire, essere “trop Neuilly-Passy” ? e “trop neuf-trois”?