Stop Press! West Antartica Is Melting!!

Or maybe, not yet…

In warmer past and likely future, West Antarctica melted regularly, raising seas tremendously“: yes, but the “likely future […] will be hundreds if not a thousand years from now“.

From a “news” viewpoint, this is definitely one for the record books. Printed just a few centuries earlier than usual…

Upcoming breaking news: will the USA strengthen itself after the economic crisis of AD 6358? What to do to prepare for the influx of refugees in the Siberian wars of the 86th century? And will the Chicago Cubs win the World Series of AD 11,908, for the first time in a 10,000 years?

(yes some things will never change)

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  1. Seriously though, re very long-term risks to civilisation, there are some known threats that I think we would to well to prepare for (over the course of decades, and not bankrupting ourselves in the process, though.) One is asteroid impact, and I think the answer to that is to develop sensors and spacecraft that will be able to detect and render harmless any new objects that register above 3 or 4 on the Torino Scale.

    Also, I looked at New Scientist magazine this weekend (they do have some interesting articles sometimes, when they’re not banging the drum on global warming) and there was something about the possibility of a solar storm disabling the world’s electrical grids. The original Carrington event happened in 1859 and could recur in the next few decades, surely more of an immediate concern than the loss of West Antarctica (or not, depending) towards the other end of the millennium.

    1. Alex – the trouble is that AFAIK there is no known way to attribute a solar storm to the sins of humanity. None can use it for social engineering, hence there is little or no interest about it…

  2. I’m quite worried about the Dalek Invasion of Earth in 2150 AD, and that’s just around the corner! We should all start preparing now, this minute! :o)

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