Pistorius! Pistorius!

The arbitrate tribunal TAS in Switzerland has finally started to redress the scandal of the IAAF’s stupid hypocrisy in keeping Oscar Pistorius out of the Olympics as a matter of principle disguised as a technical discussion on the alleged “unfair advantage”. those running “springs” are said to convey.

This is a great day indeed and all the more so as the CIO has accepted the TAS’s verdict.

And to those wondering about “unfairness”: would you prevent short-sighted competitors to attend an archery event, claiming the glasses may enahnce their ability to look in the distance?

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  1. a piece where I covered the case may be of interest
    in SCRIPT-ed – A Journal of Law, Technology & Society (open access journal)

    Oscar Pistorius and the Future Nature of Olympic, Paralympic and Other Sports
    Gregor Wolbring, pp.139-160 April 15,2008
    and here my initial thoughts on the ruling

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