Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-18

  • Surreal moment at @BBCr4today. David Shukman shows rare skeptical attitude to tidal power. Interviewee doesn't reply. Interview carries on. #
  • And @BBCr4today continues. Told tidal energy will be "part of the mix". What part? 0.001%? Without numbers it's just empty words. #
  • Solo chi riceve le lettere minacciose e ricattatorie di #Equitalia può capire la disperazione diffusa @gcaradonna @jacopogiliberto in reply to jacopogiliberto #
  • Per poche decine € REGOLARMENTE PAGATE messo + affissione al Comune. Follia totale: bastava chiedere ricevuta @gcaradonna @jacopogiliberto in reply to jacopogiliberto #
  • Se #Equitalia potesse impiccare lo farebbe PRIMA di chiedere prove che scagionino il contribuente @gcaradonna @jacopogiliberto in reply to jacopogiliberto #
  • Se lotta alla mafia come lotta #Equitalia all'evasione, Sicilia Calabria e Campania sarebbero deserti nucleari @gcaradonna @jacopogiliberto in reply to jacopogiliberto #
  • No. In principle "marriage" means "making somebody a husband" ("maritus") @AxeCo2Tax in reply to AxeCo2Tax #
  • Geoengineering project canceled because of patent row. Demonstration that #agw isn't about saving the planet. #
  • Nuovo blog climatico da Carlo Carraro – un po' tanto "istituzionale" però @VeronicaClima @LucaLombroso #clima #
  • Did you move to Italy… @aDissentient in reply to aDissentient #
  • Am not sure why would anybody in Greece right now hang on to euro-based accounts who could become drachmas at any time. #
  • Due ditte Americane pensano di comprare la Grecia, il cui nome sarà cambiato in "Biblioprosopos" o "Melon". #
  • Large American corporations competing to buy Greece, whose name will be changed in "Biblioprosopos" or "Melon". #

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