Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-04-24

  • Incredibilmente dal @sole24ore una newsletter via email con i vecchi risultati di #France2012 . Svegliatevi bambini. #
  • An individual's confidence in a particular "truth" is inversely proportional to the number of his/her active brain cells. #agw #climate #
  • RT @morenomari: Borsa italiana tra le peggiori d'Europa. E io che pensavo che per borse e scarpe fossimo i migliori al mondo. #
  • A #Radio24 ormai chi non dice parolacce è considerato scurrile @LiaCeli @alinomilan @simonespetia @24Mattino in reply to LiaCeli #
  • Il Governo progetta Centri di Detenzione presso tutti i benzinai, da dove vendere in schiavitù genitori e figli di chi voglia fare il pieno. #
  • Every news item today about #corn price variability due to #climate warming ASSUMES farmers too stupid to adapt #fail #
  • Farmers have been adapting to climate change for 8000 years, then suddenly ruin themselves in 10 years? #corn #
  • Andy what are you doing retweeting Mooney?? You might as well describe your astrology chart @Revkin #
  • Science where? In "ignorance: the true engine of science" or in "science writers against doubt"? #
  • There is a lot of science writers who have no idea about "science" and use it as a religious substitute @Revkin #sciencedenial #
  • How can 'science writers' fight a 'denial' they refuse to listen to? #sciencedenial #ignorantsofscience #
  • Oreskes can lie her heart out about journalism and climate change, and all those faithful at #sciencedenial will lap it up. How sad. #
  • A Reuters School of Investigative Journalism has already found against Oreskes' lies #sciencedenial #
  • You know the room is full of idiots when somebody forces politics onto science and nobody complains. #sciencedenial #
  • Aspettiamoci un boom degli acquisti appena la pressione fiscale diminuisce. Sarå bene spendere i soldi prima che lo Stato se li riprenda. #
  • "Any argument founded upon Aristotelian logical fallacies is defective a priori. Nothing more need be said about it" #
  • RT @nytjim: "@Edpilkington: BREAKING California will put abolition of the #deathpenalty to the vote on November 6" #

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