If Whitened Cities Will Cool The World…

…doesn’t that mean that greyed-out cities have warmed the very same world?

I was going to post something along those lines tonight but I just noticed JPL kind of beat me to it (via Watts Up With That?).

In fact: let’s assume Hashem Akbari is right, and “higher albedo surfaces (roofs and pavements) directly cool the globe” and we better get the UN “to install cool roof/pavement in 100 largest cities“.

But in the past 100 years or so we did cover vast areas of the planet with rather grey tarmac/asphalt, in the form for example of road networks and airports.

Those have obviously lowered the overall albedo, directly WARMING the globe. Isn’t that one additional little dent against the “It’s all fault of humanity’s CO2” obsession, or what?

ps just wait until somebody states that old people are more friendly to the environment, because a white hairdo has a very high albedo