Gnostepistemological Critique of Anthropogenic Global Warming

gnosis: the direct experiential knowledge of the supernatural or divine
epistemology: the branch of philosophy that studies the nature, methods, limitations, and validity of knowledge and belief

What an amazing coincidence…

In our day and age: just as soon as we have managed to build the FIRST computers able to provide plausible estimates of future climates; and just as soon as we have launched the FIRST satellites to observe the evolution of polar ice and the Earth’s atmosphere as a whole…it is RIGHT NOW that we have discovered Global Warming and/or Climate Change. And it is RIGHT NOW that we have to undergo major social and personal upheavals, during the upcoming few years, otherwise the planet will be in peril.

An incredible stroke of luck? Way too many well-minded people trying to make use of just-acquired knowledge, in an evermore “medicalized” society built around narrow technical expertise?

Or perhaps, the definitive proof of Providence, and therefore of God.


(many thanks to geoff chambers for reminding me of this post I had written last August, but only in Italian)