Dear BBC Trust…as if there were any left

Some thoughts I have sent to the BBC Trust’s “News and Current Affairs Review”

Please tell us more about why you say this giving examples of programmes and content. We want to know how well BBC News and Current Affairs (TV, radio and online) is doing in these areas and welcome your suggestions for improvement.

  • The “Today” presenters have the habit of verbally assaulting politicians only then to go soft on all sorts of other people making all sorts of strange claims.
  • The lineup of news is curiously and disappointingly similar to what one can find in privately-owned newsmedia.
  • There is too much emphasis on presenting the negative side of everything, and in finding something to scare people with.
  • On the environmental side we’re inevitably treated to a series of half-thoughts pieces by activists masquerading as journalists. That cannot be right.
  • Reports from foreign lands are often ruined by the journalist taking side in foreign politics, and thereby distorting the news. There is also too much reliance on interviewing locals who speak English very well, a very limited and self-selected subset of the population in most countries.

How well do the following words describe BBC News:

  • Trustworthy: Not well
  • Accurate: Not well
  • Impartial: Not well
  • Up-to-date: Quite well

Please tell us more about your answers, giving examples of programmes. We want to know how BBC News (TV, radio and online) is doing in these areas and welcome your suggestions for improvement.

The BBC is partial to itself. In particular BBC News behaves like a cheerleader for the whole BBC, and is often impermeable to criticism or corrections.