CO2 May As Well Make Deserts Smaller

How many news organizations will ever report this…

Carbon dioxide fertilization

Plants may become more able to deal with water stress under higher carbon dioxide levels, thus deserts may get smaller as carbon dioxide levels increase. This impact is thought to be quite important.

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  1. This is very interesting, I have people purchasing CO2 monitoring equipment daily for all kinds of potential effects of increase in atmospheric concentrations. This fertilization on a grandscale is certainly news to me, I have followed this artical back and would like to hear from people doing similar investigations.
    Ray Hicks, President,

    1. Hi Ray Hicks can I suggest the following web site Co2 Science

      It covers everything about Co2 that the government and the IPCC will not tell you. We used to call it science, before the “green” alarmist movement took over.

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