Climate Activist: AGW Campaigners "Complicit" in Political "Deceit"?

George Marshall is definitely not your average AGW skeptic. His blog is titled “Climate Change Denial” (albeit in the psychopatological sense, rather than Nazi). And yet, his Dec 18, 2009, blog post is painfully open about what happened during COP15, and in general, what is happening to the whole AGW movement:

the official negotiations invariably take place behind closed doors, and the real negotiations – the ones required for the self-serving compromise that will appear magically in the very last hour – take place in hotel rooms. Our presence as invited delegates from civil society makes us complicit in this deceit

the NGOs replicate the same inequalities as the larger process- the key decisions are made by a small clique of white specialists and presented to the unconsulted global representatives in the audience

Outside society may be permitted to speak in the streets around the conference- albeit in a suitably stage managed and marginal fashion – but the conference has absolutely no interest in how it speaks back.

these conferences occur in a constructed reality of concerned global citizenship and have no comprehension that the future of the world’s climate depends on winning over the voters of Oklahoma.

And so, looking back on Copenhagen, I have to ask: who were all those banners, posters, photo exhibits, polar bears, melting ice statues, video installations really talking to? Did they persuade the doubting heartlands that this was their issue, or did they reinforce the widespread suspicion that this is an inward looking and irrelevant faith? And why are we too absorbed by the pilgrimage to ever ask this question?