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  • Chissà perché vedere Corrado Passera sull'autostrada mi fa venire in mente, "speriamo non si stia preparando al salto" #
  • In Nigeria non sono "musulmani" a uccidere "cristiani" e viceversa. Fossero atei, si ucciderebbero lo stesso. #
  • This is the year of great defending. NOT. #Euro2012 #
  • #Portugal obviously unfamiliar with kicking round object inside net. #Euro2012 #
  • According to the ITV4 Player, #Germany and #Denmark players regularly freeze in place, then move faster-than-light. #Euro2012 #
  • Balotelli guarisce… #Italia dunque ormai eliminata. A chi tocca adesso? Capello? #Euro2012 #
  • With Balotelli healthy again, chances for #Italy on the way down. I've heard Capello is available for the Brazil 2014 adventure. #Euro2012 #
  • The #Euro2012 plan for the #Netherlands seems to have been playing Andorra and San Marino with 30-ft-wide goals. It failed. #
  • #Greece vs #Germany will start at 2-0 as part of the #Euro2012 rescue package. #
  • I greci ringraziano i tedeschi: "Saremo SEMPRE in debito con voi". Sempre…. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-17

  • "Experts" in new technologies and ideas are almost invariably quacks. #
  • Never thought I'd say it: way to go Leo! for a great Lovelock interview! @leohickman @aDissentient @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @richardabetts in reply to aDissentient #
  • Ike himself spoke words like Lovelock's, in 1961 @aDissentient @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @leohickman @richardabetts #
  • The MMR-Autism Italian case is based on a variation of the Precautionary Principle @clim8resistance @keithkloor #
  • Che schifo vedere Monti comportarsi come un Obama qualunque @MariaLatella in reply to MariaLatella #
  • On "Hype up", Science and scientists @aDissentient @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @leohickman @richardabetts #
  • Monti: Italia di nuovo in crisi. Che dici Mariolino, arà colpa di Berlusconi, o di Prodi? O mia, magari! #
  • Tutte le dichiarazioni "a caldo" sono disinformazione, bugie e tendenziose #
  • Monti: usciremo da soli dalla crisi. Si aspetta dunque circa 59 milioni di suicidi? #
  • L'Italia è un Paese di fascisti, nel senso che il socialismo, la spartizione del potere e l'innamoramento per l'uomo forte sono maggioritari #
  • With such strong defence teams, #Ukraine and #England should finish their match with basketball-style scores. #Euro2012 #
  • Caro @chicago_blog se le PMI soffrono sarà anche colpa del loro ottuso disinteressamento verso la buona politica? @Rog_2 @f_smorgoni in reply to Rog_2 #
  • According to a telephone poll, 100% of people own a telephone. #
  • Advokaat clearly regretting showing all those John Terry tapes to the #Russia defenders… #Euro2012 #
  • Karagounis looking like Maradona before he failed the anti-doping test… #Euro2012 #Greece #
  • #Poland looking like going home tonight. Well, not much of a trip. #Euro2012 #
  • Eletto Primo Ministro a Vita nel 2013, Monti aumenterà la pressione fiscale fino al 100%, dopodiché passeremo alla donazione del sangue. #
  • #Russia from 1st to 3rd in group after goal scored 300km away. Quantum Physics UEFA-style… #Euro2012 #
  • Russia da 1a a 3a nel girone grazie a goal segnato a 300km di distanza. La UEFA si è data alla Fisica Quantistica… #Euro2012 #
  • Il numero di simulazioni da parte dei giocatori della #Grecia ne spiega, in assenza di protuberanze facciali, la bassa statura. #Euro2012 #
  • I have a feeling the #Russia team might be wise in traveling towards the West tomorrow. #Euro2012 #
  • #Greece went through by borrowing somebody else's goal. Of course. #Euro2012 #
  • Non ho problemi a seguire @lucabarbareschi . Il mio telefono è un Android…. #

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  • Am so glad I don't live in @MichaelEMann 's world, forever "misrepresented" by evil enemies lurking everywhere #agw #
  • Remember @aDissentient @BarryJWoods about ½ life of #agw claims? UCS & @suzyji have just debunked themselves #
  • Read last sentence …it means "our work perhaps completely clueless" @aDissentient @BarryJWoods #
  • More cartoon-inspiring science @Cartoonsbyjosh #
  • For some reason it looks like there's 33 players in the filed instead of 22. #england #sweden #Euro2012 #
  • Nicer evening in the Ukraine but Hart might rethink all that promenading… #england #sweden #Euro2012 #
  • Errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum MT @BBCRBlack #Rioplus20 – Summit pres in 1992 says Rio+20 is victory of perseverance over inertia #
  • At least Emile Heskey didn't give away central free kicks. #england #sweden #Euro2012 #
  • Scotland Yard Missing Persons squad dispatched to #Euro2012 – no signs as yet of the whereabouts of the #England defence. #
  • Next #England player conceding a free kick in his own half will be given Swedish citizenship. #Euro2012 #
  • Suddenly Eriksson's bizarre teenage world cup choice of so many years ago made some sense… #England #Walcott #Euro2012 #
  • The #England squad ought be sponsored by the Royal College of Cardiologists… #Euro2012 #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-14

  • Try as you might @revkin you still couldn't even update your blog post's text to note McIntyre's email. You're afraid, and that's shameful. #
  • Many examples @revkin of you writing UPDATED in the post's text when there was an update eg Get your act together! #
  • Anche noi abbiamo lavorato in banca @guglielmopicchi . Perché non chiedi all'amico Monti di farci diventare Direttori di qualcosa? #
  • Coraggio! Siamo ancora in tempo per dare a Balotelli un passaporto croato, così sarà finalmente utile all'Italia in #Euro2012 !! #
  • Quattrocentotrentuno SI, settantuno NO. Monti! Monti! Con una maggioranza così potresti passare POSITIVAMENTE alla Storia!!! #
  • Pallonate sulle natiche di un giocatore svedese a #Euro2012 . L'omosessualità latente nel calcio è più che evidente. @LaZanzaraR24 #
  • Follow @mmorabito67 for live microblogging of tonight's #GWPF annual lecture with Dr Fritz #Varenholt #
  • Perhaps Obama is afraid of consequences of Falklands referendum wrt Diego Garcia and the Chagossians @JunkkMale in reply to JunkkMale #
  • Key message from #GWPF lecture by Prof #Varenholt : CAGW-based energy policies are _unsustainable_. Very good for #rio20 #
  • Adesso Monti fa sapere che andrà a #rio20 . Più che tecnico si tratta di un Governo Aviotrasportato. #Italia #
  • Thanks @flimsin for following @mmorabito67 – I use it for live microblogging of events. Shortly ordered text also at #
  • Denmark and Portugal will both play next game without defence. Not that anybody will notice. #Euro2012 #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-12

  • Se Prandelli mette di nuovo Balotelli al posto di Di Natale, sarà bene mettere lui (Prandelli) al posto della Tymoshenko. #Italia #
  • Al TG1 da Roma parlano di Abuja, Nigeria (distanza: 3700km) con il corrispondente da Nairobi, Kenya (distanza da Abuja: 3400km) #
  • Science of #tippingpoints hindered by most of its proponents not having reached (yet?) the tipping point of being intelligent. (Cont) #
  • (Cont) For example describing #tippingpoints as inherently bad or leading to catastrophes makes the "science" a joke. #
  • BBC World News showing French footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspurs, traveling incognito. Who? Exactly! #
  • Balotelli ha fregato i razzisti, che (come tutti del resto) non si sono accorti che lui fosse in campo. #
  • My week on twitter: 21 retweets received, 20 new followers, 19 mentions. Via: #
  • Expect a custom rudeness crisis by the #Olympics with thousands of law-abiding visitors verbally manhandled by untrained officials. #england #
  • I feel like #Spain today. May I have €100,000,000,000 too please? Or one millionth of that. #
  • Adesso @EnricoLetta si dà alla #greeneconomy ( #economiaverde . Con dieci anni di ritardo, e dopo l'eco-disastro di Zapatero. #poveraitalia #
  • Thousands still believing Naomi #Oreskes ' conspiracy theories are proof definitive Genesis 1:27 refers to a faulty scanner. #agw #climate #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-10

  • Alfano: "Berlusconi in campo". Prandelli si prepara al Gran Rifiuto. #
  • Trouble with implemented #geoengineering is that as soon as there's a flood or drought, millions will be able to sue the geoengineers. #
  • Bersani: "patto con i moderati". Risponde l'IdV. Appunto. #
  • Hey @richardabetts your Big Boss has just removed all credibility from your #IPCC work #agw #climate #
  • Whenever you do #IPCC work and especially if unpaid, Pachauri _is_ your boss @richardabetts . Credibility destroyed by the company he keeps. in reply to richardabetts #
  • McKibben eg is a known science denier, links every storm to #CAGW . Do you @richardabetts really believe Pachauri is going to tell him off? in reply to richardabetts #
  • Some believe Irving a historian, others see whom he's always guest of. Same with Pachauri. Enough with rabid catastrophists. @richardabetts in reply to richardabetts #
  • È incredibile come ci sia ancora chi pensi di "ascoltare il cliente" semplicemente facendo domande invece di usare Google. #
  • Se l'Italia batte la Spagna non esulterò, andrò invece in Questura a denunciare chi mi ha drogato con allucinogeni a mia insaputa. #euro2012 #
  • Ma se l'Euro si disintegra prima della fine di #euro2012 daranno una coppa più piccola a ciascuna delle squadre? #
  • Mezza Italia unita nella speranza che Gea diventi Primo Ministro nell'Aprile 2013, a 10 mesi di età. Grillo prepara un post contro i bambini #
  • La Commissione Grandi Rischi come tutti i burocrati del rischio agisce in modo da prevedere il passato con accuratezza 100% @robinit66 in reply to robinit66 #
  • Some people are afraid of immigrants. They better be. Few are more determined and hard-working, having little or no safety net to rely on. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-08

  • How to read a @guardianeco report/article: (1) wait a few days (2) see it debunked (3) read the report/article, laugh at its flawed content. #
  • Se Gesù avesse considerato così importante l'impegno politico dei Cristiani come tali sarebbe diventato un Senatore romano, non un falegname #
  • Torniamo alla lira! Torniamo milionari! #
  • Per collezionisti di numeri di targa in Italia, basta seguire i limiti di velocità, alla lettera #
  • If Jesus had thought important for Christians to be politically active as such, He'd become a Roman Senator rather than a carpenter. #
  • #Sustainability : where the result of 12,000 years of economic evolution is wrecked by those hell-bent on creating a fake "Heaven on Earth". #
  • #rio20 : where the rich and well-fed will determine that the only way to save the planet is for them to remain the only rich and well-fed. #
  • If summits were held on summits and especially in the Himalayan winter they'd be faster, cheaper, and probably even better. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-07

  • How many times have @leohickman @guardianeco @suzyji to be shown credulous before they wake up to the problem? #
  • An overlooked problem in comparing the Unabomber to CAGWers is that it's offensive to _his_ intelligence. @HeartlandInst #
  • According to TV dramas, a large part of the ancient Roman population and especially nobles were of Anglo-Saxon origin. #
  • L'ordinariato universitario è tradizionalmente riservato ad "amanti di" e "figli di". Adesso ne abbiamo fatto Ministri. #poveraitalia #
  • Contrary to common opinion the #EU has been designed as an ineffective bureaucratic talkfest with corruption replacing wholesale slaughter. #
  • Am not alone! #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-06

  • Ocean #acidification is an empty claim, like saying paying off $1,000 out of a $1,000,000 debt put one in credit. #agw #
  • Most polls are so badly designed, prejudiced and skewed in their questions, they literally _illicit_ their responses. #
  • On past performance I do hope @metoffice forecasts a damp and cold summer this year in the UK! (So we'll get a warm and nice one…) #
  • #southeastern TV reality show cancelled. Nobody knew when it would actually start, how long it'd take to finish, where it'd end up, etc etc. #
  • Guys @MarsCuriosity @NASAJPL how many marketing experts did you hire to come up with that silly astronaut bird!!! #
  • If the phenomenon only shows up after heavy data manipulation, there is a high chance manipulation of the data is the only phenomenon. #agw #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-06

  • Ocean #acidification is an empty claim, like saying paying off $1,000 out of a $1,000,000 debt put one in credit. #agw #
  • Most polls are so badly designed, prejudiced and skewed in their questions, they literally _illicit_ their responses. #
  • On past performance I do hope @metoffice forecasts a damp and cold summer this year in the UK! (So we'll get a warm and nice one…) #
  • #southeastern TV reality show cancelled. Nobody knew when it would actually start, how long it'd take to finish, where it'd end up, etc etc. #
  • Guys @MarsCuriosity @NASAJPL how many marketing experts did you hire to come up with that silly astronaut bird!!! #
  • If the phenomenon only shows up after heavy data manipulation, there is a high chance manipulation of the data is the only phenomenon. #agw #

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  • My week on twitter: 40 retweets received, 1 new listings, 27 new followers, 74 mentions. Via: #
  • A great deal of human suffering is caused by people who try to control the world in order to make it better. #
  • Tanta sofferenza umana è causata da chi cerca di controllare il mondo allo scopo di migliorarlo. #
  • Pessimists are always right, but only an optimist can change the world (T. Friedman) @mariacastelli2 @marcosalvati in reply to mariacastelli2 #
  • Whoever's happy about any #BBC coverage, deserves it. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-04

  • The first sign of a #GishGallop is in accusing others of doing a #GishGallop #
  • Visiting the American Cemetery in Épinal, France is an overwhelming experience. #frankmorabito #anthonymorabito #melvinorstad #nobleflynn #
  • L'errore di @chicago_blog è non considerare lo Stato Ladro come immagine e somiglianza dei suoi cittadini. #Italia #
  • Radical far-left/right groups should be encouraged to worry about pointless issues, in order to keep them busy & away from arming themselves #
  • L'indignazione ispirata da dibattiti televisivi è l'oppio d'Italia. #
  • Why would the #Android calendar span Jan 1902 to Dec 2036? #
  • If #Bilderberg are in charge of the world…man what a lousy job they've been doing! #
  • Anybody in awe of Scientific Consensus should read about the consensus among Italian scientists in favor of antisemitic laws in 1938. #agw #
  • Paradossalmente l'imperante raccomandazione significa gli Italiani gestiscono se stessi per quello che sono invece che per quello che sanno #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-02

  • #Houla massacre perpetrators still NOT known. An alternative report from Russian journalists: . BBC very cautious. #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-06-01


Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-31

  • "Factually incorrect slurs" by the White House – embarrassing stuff! #
  • Safety isn't a hindrance to growth, attitude is. Aiming for "safe" stops innovation, aiming for "safer" fosters it. #
  • Imbarazzante @emilio_fede lunedì con @giucruciani @FedericadB . "Lei non sa chi sono io" argomento squallido nel 2012. @DAVIDPARENZO (cont) #
  • (Cont) Se @emilio_fede pensa l'età non conti allora è insensato che chiami @FedericadB "ragazza" e "ragazzina". @giucruciani @DAVIDPARENZO #
  • Nuovo aumento delle accise. Se la benzina costasse 25 euro al litro, non ci sarebbe più debito pubblico. #ideonapermonti #
  • Al @corriereit si riempiono le pagine parlando della "Rete". In altre notizie: al @corriereit della "Rete" non capiscono proprio niente. #
  • Another chance @leohickman to discover the puppeteers behind a Big Big Big 'non-profit' organisation #green #eco #
  • Caseifici danneggiati dal #terremoto #
  • Greenies believe to be at war to defend environment. In war first victim is always the truth. Therefore greenies don't tell the truth. #qed #
  • Il #calcio è una faccenda molto più seria della guerra. Ridurlo a prestazione sportiva, un'assurdità. Biscotti e combine parte integrante. #
  • Gli unici da condannare nel #calcio sono quelli che fanno autogoal apposta, o i portieri che manchino coacientemente la palla. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-30

  • Orangutans are fragile wrt human machinery, dangerous for single humans, deadly to insects and bird eggs. #Nature isn't just "fragile". #
  • Farina e Pisacane al raduno della Nazionale. Di questo passo, diventeranno titolari, e io terzino. #prontopereuro2012 #
  • Richter 5.7 genera oscillazioni che sono metà di quelle esperite a causa di Richter 6.0. #terremoto #
  • Contemporanei di Mario Monti: alluvioni incendi terremoti crisi economica e un generale senso di malessere e depressione. #mandateloalourdes #
  • It's been a recurring mistake by scientists, to believe they themselves had understood most what there is to understand. #
  • Raccontare bugie stanca. In altre notizie: aspettiamoci.Formigoni prendersi un periodo di riposo. #
  • Eccolo RT @INGVterremoti: #terremoto Ml:5.8 2012-05-29 07:00:03 UTC Lat=44.85 Lon=11.09 Prof=10.2Km Prov=MODENA #
  • Ritrovato calendario Maya per il 2013. Inizia con le parole: 'Dopo lo sprofondamento dell'Italia nei flutti…'. #terremoto #
  • L'industria italiana a pezzi. La lista dei progettisti e costruttori che andrebbero squartati dopo atroci torture, si allunga. #terremoto #
  • Si rende conto @angealfa di cosa sarà fra un anno? PdC se serio, o una virgola in un vecchio libro di storia altrimenti. @Formattiamopdl #
  • Prandelli chiederà di portare a #Euro2012 46 giocatori invece di 23, per far fronte ad eventuali nuovi avvisi di garanzia. #
  • #Facebook planning to build a mobile phone. In other news: Zuckerberg eagerly awaiting learning about 7 billion names and phone numbers. #
  • ALLORA IO SONO A FAVORE!! RT @giucruciani: Contro #2giugno sono lega, diliberto, @ferrero_paolo e @Idvstaff #
  • Something real fortune tellers had applied to in advance RT @metoffice: Job Vacancy: Hazard prediction Scientist #
  • Billions of 'green' subsidies into natural gas. Congrats @leohickman . So was #CAGW just a struggle between Big Gas and Big Oil? /sarc #
  • Tutti assolti all'"Olga Rovere". Storia spaventosa che immagino sia passata in 2° piano @francescocosta @simonespetia #
  • Grillo su #terremoto il solito miscuglio da sciacallo insensato: pressapochismo ignoranza ½ verità e soldini da guadagnare. @DanieleKeshk #
  • Solo in Italia a morti caldi si può ritenere opportuno occuparsi della parata del 2 giugno. Chiacchiere degne di chi ha vita troppo facile. #
  • Dopo 42 anni di matrimonio Elsa Monti assomiglia molto a Mario. Continuando così nel 2053 l'Italia intera diventerà un Paese di replicanti. #
  • I vulcanetti di sabbia dopo il #terremoto #
  • Le previsioni catastrofiche Maya sono la vendetta personale di un astronomo frustrato dell'epoca, tale Lino, preso in giro troppo a scuola. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-29

  • Still no coverage on @BBCr4today of the people in #Syria who support Assad because they fear much more from the "opposition". #
  • My week on twitter: 75 retweets received, 3 new listings, 33 new followers, 109 mentions. Via: #
  • 'Unflattering image on YouTube' accusation by MA against @aDissentient sounds positively ga-ga. Please somebody rescue him @richardabetts #
  • La UEFA sta valutando l'opportunità se far giocare l'Italia ai prossimi europei con la palla (di ferro) al piede. #
  • Attento ai monaci albini!! RT @vfeltri: Questa sera sarò a Matrix. Tema: i corvi in Vaticano #
  • Impression from an unflattering YouTube still: the eyes are closed, the mouth is open, and Mr Brain has long since departed, hasn't he… #
  • London forecast for #venustransit on 6/6: rain. Of course. #
  • RT @clim8resistance: What is really driving the anti-GM protests. @keithkloor @TomChivers #
  • Planet isn't dying. Nature isn't fragile. Children are both. Greenies lives are wasted for nothing but a cultural fad. #
  • A cleaner environment is good. A cleaner environment regardless of human suffering is a monstrosity. #
  • 100 years ago nature had "teeth and claws". Today it's "fragile". Obviously those are purely human constructs. @nomismurnane in reply to nomismurnane #
  • Silvio è stato molto saggio. Se guardando la Polanco vedeva la Boccassini, durante le udienze più tediose guardando la Boccassini avrebbe… #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-28

  • The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it APPEARS to be AT LEAST PARTLY comprehensible 🙂 @AstroLooney in reply to AstroLooney #
  • MT @SusanDirgham: It should horrify all: truth re #Syria for so many is determined by cliches&slogans #
  • Who's this Myles Allen anyway? Uninformed "climate communicators" can only make a fool of themselves. @richardabetts @aDissentient #
  • Don't worry about the nice British weather, it's just loading up for the cold wind and rain for the 4-day weekend in a week's time @srhtdd in reply to srhtdd #
  • Scripta (et electronica acta eg telephonica verba) manent. @CarloStagnaro @PierluigiBattis in reply to CarloStagnaro #
  • Most scientists are aware that their colleagues of years ago were mistaken. Many illogically believe to be immune of the problem. #
  • Y #
  • Monthly averages physically meaningless -"months" are human constructs + just a few days can change avg @ed_hawkins @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn in reply to icey_mark #
  • Senza saperlo @Talitatu hai espresso la domanda fondamentale della teologia egizia – @gcaradonna in reply to gcaradonna #
  • Forecasters like human beings are naturally short-sighted. Challenge is figuring how much. @ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn in reply to ed_hawkins #
  • The longer biased reporting about #Syria carnage left unchecked, the more vengeance grows to unstoppable vicious cycle. @camanpour #
  • Libya reports from last year almost copied verbatim to #Syria reports for this year. This is no serious reporting. @camanpour in reply to camanpour #
  • La riforma Basaglia è stata un malinteso. Non sono stati chiusi i manicomi ma allargati a coprire 300mila kmq, isole comprese. #
  • Krugman gone insane, or seriously failing at policymaking #
  • Cosa avete fatto oggi per #formattiamoilpdl 1 giorno vuoto=3 giorni perduti. @alesindaco @FedericadB @andreadisorte #pdllondra #
  • In politica difficile fermarsi in corsa o partire da fermi. Lavorate, lavoriamo! @andreadisorte @FedericadB @alesindaco #formattiamoilpdl #
  • 100% del territorio italiano già raggiungibile in banda larga se incentiviamo uso satelliti @andreadegioanni @ildona26 @FedericadB in reply to andreadegioanni #
  • "Global cooling in the 1970s" is the honesty litmus test for climate change believers. To deny it _completely is just _not_ honest. (cont) #
  • "Global cooling in the 1970s" lasted 3 years, had no IPCC behind it. But to deny it _completely_, that's a different (and dishonest) story. #
  • "Global cooling in the 1970s" lasted much longer in the press. Yet it was _not_ just a press invention. #
  • Global cooling in the 1970s: @wmconnolley writes it was "widely accepted" then goes bonkers to deny that simple truth, #
  • Scegliere #bastaEuro è come farsi trapiantare i reni di un donatore novantenne dopo aver subito una grave emorragia. Follia fatta e finita. #
  • Now we know Warhol was a disguised #MiB what about John Lennon? #
  • Al @corriereit si accorgono adesso del "coinquilino" di #Formigoni Dopo anni di fallimento nel reportage, è il momento dello sciacallaggio. #

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Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-26

  • Looks line loony @ChrisMooney_ had it completely wrong: some scientists' war on Republicans is taking place #
  • Public figures who block people on Twitter are like those playground bullies too idiotic to understand the meaning of "sharing". #
  • (Cont) it's rather like those silly weather forecasts where clouds and rain magically stop at the NI/Eire border. #
  • Debasing propaganda on @BBCr4today as "History of UK and NI" programme is launched same day as #SNP Scotland indipendence referendum. (Cont) #
  • (Cont) there's a history of UK and a history of Ireland but no serious historian would speak of a history of "UK and NI". @BBCr4today (cont) #
  • Saving the world by treating US Republicans as simpletons is like going to war after eliminating half of the Army. #stalinism #agw #
  • I wonder if Met Office and @richardabetts came out as #climate skeptics, would activists try to shut down their supercomputers … in reply to richardabetts #
  • Ma perché @matteorenzi non vai da @andreadisorte domani? #fuoridaglischemi #evoluzione #formattiamoilpdl #politicanonfedereligiosa #
  • In #Italia troppa religione in #politica Capi Partito ognuno un Papa, in carica vita natural durante. Appartenenza=fede non frutto ragione. #
  • Q should be: what have @BBCr4today @TomFeilden contributed to #Enlightenment ? A: not much. Propaganda, infotainment, dumbing down, etc etc in reply to BBCr4today #
  • Animals, plants reported adapting to global #climate change even where local climate hasn't changed. Maybe they read the news? #agw #
  • Public safety committees inherently unsafe, borderline murderous. Should be disbanded as soon as reasonable pre-agreed safety level reached. #
  • Good (effective, democratic) public health efforts deal each with single specific issue. Everything else loses focus, pushes toward fascism. #
  • Troppi Gott-i Tedeschi in Vaticano? Benedetto Padre cosa ne facciamo di Mt: 6,24 ??? #vaticano #
  • RT @SpaceX @nasakennedy: Here's the video from the capture of the @SpaceX Dragon by the robotic arm on ISS. #
  • Lots of mentions of sleep deprivation at @SpaceX – hey @elonmusk, time to hire many more people, uh? #
  • Still plenty of time to push the #ISS to L4 or L5 in the Earth-Moon system rather than crashing it on Earth.@SpaceX @elonmusk #
  • Greenpeace 270M$/y but @leohickman is all excited about @HeartlandInst $6M. Another victory for Joe Bast. >> @BarryJWoods #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-25

  • Democracy: where the misled elect the uninformed so that the selfish are protected from the disadvantaged. #
  • Democracy is like finding a Dr Pepper can in the middle of the desert. No matter how awful the taste, there isn't anything better is there. #
  • The one circumstance under which Dictatorship is better than democracy, is when I am the Dictator. #
  • Oligarchies, like most non-universal systems, tend to exhaust themselves eventually, victims of laziness, debauchery and spoiled children. #
  • One good purpose of @HeartlandInst in UK @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods : make @suzyji + @leohickman look foolish. Skeptic lightning rod not hub. in reply to sjhopkinson #
  • Belief skeptics organised / influenced by any 'hub' is idiotic-silly-paranoid @BarryJWoods @HeartlandInst @sjhopkinson @suzyji @leohickman in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • To say @HeartlandInst is skeptic hub like to say Coca Cola makes people thirsty. @leohickman @sjhopkinson @BarryJWoods @suzyji in reply to leohickman #
  • I presume Grauniad snob fashionistas do believe Coca Cola make people thirsty… @BarryJWoods @leohickman @suzyji @sjhopkinson in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • "Evidence" can't be about "future" @icey_mark @BarryJWoods @richardabetts @nmrqip @RealArthurDent @geneticmaize in reply to icey_mark #
  • We can't live without trying to see the future. But it's our duty to understand how short-sighted we are in that respect. #
  • Merkel against #euro bonding? Someone explain her she'll still be the dominatrix. #
  • Your obsession with "hoaxers" betrays your unwillingness to see anything actually done about the environment @ClimateActio2n in reply to ClimateActio2n #
  • I ministri del governo Monti saranno forse bravi nelle loro cose, ma sicuramente eccellono nel non darne l'impressione a nessuno. #Italia #
  • Senno di poi: il disastro economico #Italia di tutto aveva bisogno tranne che di chi ha fatto carriera in Italia come specialista economico. #
  • Affidare l'Italia a dei professori ordinari il più grosso errore di Napolitano dal 1956 e forse anche prima. #
  • #Pizzarotti stia attento, con quel cognome #Grillo lo può sfottere per una settimana senza mai ripetersi @gloquenzi in reply to gloquenzi #
  • RT @simonespetia: Ma che fa, professore, legge? #
  • In a few years Germany will pay the consequences of the current easy-money period. Many countries will make sure it pays dearly. #euro #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-24

  • When exactly did "BBC journalism" become synonymous of "worry-full dramatisation of reality"? Are you news or infotainment? @BBCr4today #
  • Meglio per Silvio lasciare il dubbio che il suo ritorno non avrebbe comunque risollevato @ilpdl piuttosto che tornare e darne la certezza. #
  • Meglio per Silvio lasciare il dubbio che un suo ritorno non avrebbe comunque potuto risollevare @ilpdl che tornare e darne certezza. #
  • How many greenies agonize over the poor getting poorer because of "green policies"? @nomismurnane (a:zero) in reply to nomismurnane #
  • Environment policies have always worked to solve specific issues, failed when driven by abstract stances @nomismurnane in reply to nomismurnane #
  • Grillo come disastro del giornalismo MT @lucasofri tutto quello che lo porta sulle prime pagine sono battute, parole, cose così. Nient'altro #
  • First they remove lead from petrol. Then they remove petrol from car. Then they remove car @PlasticAussie @nomismurnane #greenieheaven in reply to PlasticAussie #
  • Falcone e Borsellino non si sono "sacrificati". Volevano vivere, non morire. Sono _stati_ "sacrificati". #