Another "Global Cooling in the 1970s" Avalanche (Laughter, It Will Bury Them)

From Italy to the USA. Thanks to Google. And Google. And Google.

Funniest of the lot: from the Milwaukee Sentinel, Jan 20, 1979. By Dick West of United Press International:

At the recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science…the consensus seemed to be that, rather than experience either a warming trend or a cooling trend, we shall have both. Although not at the same time, fortunately.”

Really, try to read that article all without a chuckle or ten.

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  1. Whatever happened to your 1970s Global Cooling Consensus series called Definitive Evidence for Global Cooling Consensus in the 1970s that you did some time back? I tried finding it recently to reference in an argument I’ve gotten in to with a few folks and I can’t find it. I saved it to my favorite places and I get just a “page not found message”. The website address was:

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