@ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn…

@ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn every week for 52 weeks we’re at the edge of cold and hot, actual temp almost a vagary.

@ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn…

@ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn also perhaps better train skills on place with less variable weather than Britain.

@ed_hawkins @icey_mark I guess @Piers_Corbyn shoul…

@ed_hawkins @icey_mark I guess @Piers_Corbyn should limit forecasting to three weeks ahead – where he was.right.

@Piers_Corbyn if May is cold it’ll be your chance…

@Piers_Corbyn if May is cold it’ll be your chance to be internationally known. After that, hope you don’t get anything wrong for a long time

@Piers_Corbyn doesn’t matter if you’re right 1000…

@Piers_Corbyn doesn’t matter if you’re right 1000 times. it will only matter when you’ll be scrutinised for mistakes by hordes of enemies

Yikes! What if Piers Corbyn was right? V. cold May…

Yikes! What if Piers Corbyn was right? V. cold May a strong possibility http://t.co/wY20Nj7d (chart by @peppecaridi )

Consolidated Links About Piers Corbyn's Solar Weather Technique Conference

Nothing yet on www.weatheraction.com, but Piers Corbyn has sent via e-mail the following list of links about the Solar Weather Technique conference of Oct 28: ClimateRealists Andrew Orlowski, The Register: 1. Climate Fools Day rallies the heretics Andrew Orlowski, The Register: 2. Renegade weatherman drops his kimono Moon also plays part in solar method, says […]

A Quick Note About Corbyn's Solar Weather Technique Conference

Not many words out yet about WeatherAction’s “Climate Change, The Solar Weather Technique & The Future of Forecasting”, the conference organized by Piers Corbyn and hosted by the Imperial College in London on Oct 28. Amazingly, BBC’s Roger Harrabin just spoke about it during the midnight BBC Radio4 news, in rather neutral and very appropriate […]

Corbyn Admits Being Wrong

The feeblest of minds will see this as a sign of failure. The rest of us should instead take notice that WeatherAction’s forecasts can be and are at times falsified. The same cannot be said of the usual AGW predictions… Note 23 Jan from Piers Corbyn re letter 21 Jan and ‘on-line’ comments in The Times: […]

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-05-28

The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it APPEARS to be AT LEAST PARTLY comprehensible @AstroLooney in reply to AstroLooney # MT @SusanDirgham: It should horrify all: truth re #Syria for so many is determined by cliches&slogans # Who's this Myles Allen anyway? Uninformed "climate communicators" can only make a fool of themselves. […]

Forecasters like human beings are naturally short-…

Forecasters like human beings are naturally short-sighted. Challenge is figuring how much. @ed_hawkins @sjhopkinson @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn

@icey_mark yes that’s what I meant too @ed_hawkins…

@icey_mark yes that’s what I meant too @ed_hawkins @Piers_Corbyn

Monthly averages physically meaningless -“months”…

Monthly averages physically meaningless -“months” are human constructs + just a few days can change avg @ed_hawkins @icey_mark @Piers_Corbyn

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-04-29

"Puns: the lowest form of humor" (but some quite funny) http://t.co/a0RNv6Dn by @ThisIsTrue # Il governo Monti è in mano ai "tecnici", i tecnici ministeriali cioè e non i ministri per questo non cambierà quasi niente. # Rare balanced opinion on @sciam about @royalsociety spreading fear http://t.co/MSaLudPu but then @dbiello is better than most. # […]

@ChairmanAl @BarryJWoods @richardabetts @sjhopkins…

@ChairmanAl @BarryJWoods @richardabetts @sjhopkinson for @Piers_Corbyn to extraordinarily succeed we need a lot of EXTRAORDINARY evidence.

@BarryJWoods @richardabetts @sjhopkinson only way…

@BarryJWoods @richardabetts @sjhopkinson only way for @Piers_Corbyn is to get it right whilst under the spotlights many times in a row

President Vaclav Klaus At The GWPF Inaugural Annual Lecture: Quasi-live Blogging

Since I couldn’t get enough connectivity in the conference hall tonight, here are my quasi-live notes about President Václav Klaus’ Inaugural Annual GWPF Lecture at The Great Room of Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce in London (UK): (these notes are provided as they are, with very little corrections – I […]

Ordered Notes About The Pielke Jr vs Ward vs Muir Wood London Debate

This is the ordered list (oldest item first) of yesterday’s evening live microblogs on my mmorabito67 Twitter account, about the Royal Institution (London) debate on Global Warming and Disasters with Roger Pielke Jr, Bob Ward and Robert Muir-Wood moderated by the Guardian’s James Randerson: 12 years in London , 1st time at Royal Institution http://tweetphoto.com/10490288 […]

BBC Wakes Up To Benefits Of Warming (And To AGW Skepticism)

It’s an early Christmas for AGW skeptics in the UK with the BBC all of a sudden abandoning it’s monolithic “the world will turn into cinder” orthodoxy. Step forward Stephen Sackur, broadcasting a series of programmes about Greenland (with one article saying that “scientific studies of the Greenland Ice Sheet” may not necessarily “indicate that […]