2639: Phil Jones' Comedy Hour!

Some more vintage Jones nastiness, an admission that scientists aren’t distracted by FOI requests, and a comedy gem (my emphasis) :

date: Fri Sep 25 10:53:32 2009
from: Phil Jones
subject: Re: [Fwd: CCNet: The Sun Could Be Heading Into A Period of
to: santer1, Tom Wigley

[…] I have stopped sending data out to anybody after the stupid comment on Climate Audit by Peter Webster. We’ve had over 60 FOI requests for data. They are varied – many can be answered by telling people to read the literature. We’re refusing those for the data. We’re going to send an email to all NMSs thru MOHC and then release those where countries are happy for us to do so.
It is just a pain having to respond to them – someone else at UEA does this though.
I did send one of the requests to Myles as it was from one of his fellow profs in Physics at Oxford! Myles knows him well and he has never talked about climate with Myles – or expressed any views. Myles can’t understand why he’s getting his climate education from Climate Audit and not from colleagues in his own dept!
This annoys me too. I’d read up and talk to people if I were to ever attempt moving to another field! It is just common sense. Neil Adger has taken over the running of First Year course here in ENV. He asked Alan Kendall for the ppt for 2 lectures he gives. He sent them and 40 slides are taken from Climate Audit! A student asked Neil why Alan was saying things opposite to what Neil and Tim Osborn were saying!!!

Alan is retiring at the end of this year….thankfully.

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  2. Why am I not really surprised, I hear the upper echelons of academia are full of bitchy cantankerous professors and fawning post graduate researchers.
    Even in second tier Universities it goes on. Maybe third rate institutions like the UEA because of their lowly status should try to rise above this but money [government bribes for ‘suitable’ results from: taxpayer largesse] is the root of all evil. The kudos [shamelessness] – which sailed out of the window – before CGI and Copenhagen in Dec 2009.

    That catty pettiness abounds, Phil should know – his department is an example of just how pernicious these pathetic weeds are.

    One thing maybe to note, even if they are ‘learned’ [as they deem themselves] their behaviour would disgrace a backstreet shebeen.

    Damnable, the whole sorry crew.

  3. Later Tim Osborn was discussing Alan Kendall with Mick Kelly:

    Mick Kelly wrote:
    “That’s amazing re Alan Kendall (always thought he was rather a loose
    cannon)… I’d call his bluff and constructively suggest that he might ensure consistency between what you say (assuming you give the lectures I used to cover?) and his account – for the students’ sake at least! Alternatively, could always threaten to have Greenpeace invade his lecture 🙂 Good luck! Kind of ironic that I used to invoke academic freedom when criticised by ENV for ‘promoting’ concern about global warming and I suspect Alan might respond in a similar fashion.”


    Amusingly, at least he admits that he was using academic freedom as a cover for promoting his agenda.

  4. ” A student asked Neil why Alan was saying things opposite to what Neil and Tim Osborn were saying!!!

    Has it something to do with academic freedom?

  5. This Jones fellow is a nasty piece of work isn’t he! You can see him as Witchfinder-General

  6. Maurizio, this would be perfect material for a comedy series or soap set in a university climate science department. We wouldn’t even need to work hard at the script – it’s writing itself!

    Congrats on getting a mention in the Climategate 2 emails, by the way!

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