On Fake News

A seminal study on truth and journalism was published 100 years ago next month. Yet people discuss fake news as if Trump had invented them and Zuckerberg were the collaborator?

“The study concluded that the (New York) Times’ reporting was neither unbiased nor accurate. The newspaper’s news stories were not based on facts, but “were determined by the hopes of the men who made up the news organisations.” The newspaper referred to events that had not taken place, atrocities that did not exist, and reported no fewer than 91 times that the Bolshevik regime was on the verge of collapse.
Lippmann’s biographer Ronald Steel sums it up: “The news about Russia is an example of what people wanted to see, not what happened,” Lippmann and Merz noted critically. “The main censor and the main propagandist was the hope and fear in the minds of reporters and editors.”

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