Impeachment Scampeachment

I’m unsure how many understand that the impeachment hearings could spectacularly backfire on the Democrats, so close to 2020. Nothingmueller has been forgotten already despite magniloquent proclamations and the promise of deeply damaging revelations against Trump, something that never happened.

With Biden a collection of liabilities and Hillary idiotically toying with another loss, the field is now a race about who could be more of a socialist, Bernie or Warren. Trouble is, the number of previous Socialist presidents is zero, and it’s doubtful that the people who elected Trump in 2016 will all of a sudden favorably look at the shining path of Karl Marx.

In other words Schiff’s Hearsay Circus ironically smacks of a total surrender to Trump, whose policies are not even debated, let alone criticized.

He can bank on a strong economy, fantastically good employment figures, new pinnacles in Wall St, and the sense that the USA are very well feared the world over – even China having to negotiate where previously they could just steal American IP, unpunished.

Plus of course not a new war in sight. Ford aside, probably one has to go back to Coolidge to find a President not keen on warmongering.

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