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Head off to AirBnB and book two dreamlike, quirky new Experiences, details-packed 1-h tours of Aldgate and Whitechapel in London, UK…

Stay also tuned as many more Experiences will be lined up soon…

Aldgate – Layers and Mysteries

We will walk around Aldgate on the Eastern side of the City of London and stop at the many apparently anonymous sites where big and small things have happened throughout 2000 years of history, from the invisible underground station to the micro forests on a wall, the patron Saint of travel, the Norwegian connection, the first department store, delusional urban planning, and a Rothschild. Includes a tragedy of travel, killing corpses, falling bombs, the inevitable Mr Ripper and some poetry of death.

Whitechapel – Ripper, Magic & Mystery

We will walk through Whitechapel up to the edge of Stepney and experience dozens of apparently anonymous sites where big and small things have happened throughout the centuries, from the large Jewish and now Bangladeshi immigration communities to the disappeared churches, unique medical cases, founders of nations and magical former breweries. Includes a stop where a monster killer did his dastardly deeds more than a decade before Jack the Ripper.


Aldgate: It was an interesting walk and I learnt lots of things about Aldgate neighbourhood. Maurizio is very knowledgeable and well prepared with old pictures and maps to give you an idea of the past. Short notice booking and single person tour worked out well and justify the price. Thanks Maurizio.

Whitechapel: Well-known places of interest, historical anecdotes, secret hideaways and delicious food, Maurizio brought all this and more to the experience. Backed up by an extensive knowledge of the area and his own passion for exploring (and researching) past the well documented. We looked at the well-known, but mostly at the not so obvious, which made it much more interesting. Where we saw nothing of interest at first sight, Maurizio proved us wrong and created a whole past world before our eyes. Great fun. We all left really happy – helped by our last stop at a 100 year old family held bakery where we tried our first crodoughs

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A half a lifetime lived in London, I know less about it that I know about Florence where I’ve spent a few weeks. That’s what tourism does to us. In July I’ll be a tourist. Looking forward to meeting you and learning something.

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