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Interstellar a year later – climate change film but with many twists

Finally came around to watch Interstellar. Climate change is hardly topical…we’re told something very bad happened 10 years before, and there is a “blight” consuming all food. People look remarkably healthy and society functions very well. Not even when the sandstorms get worse do we see any breakdown among the crowds.

The movie maker seem to have a grudge against a Dr Mann, portrayed as ruthless, murderous and ready to cause suffering for some Superior Good only he and another scientist understand. If my family name were Mann I’d feel quite bad about such a character.

Of course all climate-interested will see Dr Mann’s first name (not revealed in the movie AFAIK) to be Michael. And likewise the old scientist who condemns the world all by himself back home (Michael Caine) is very much resembling Stephen Schneider.

I am sure those are all coincidences. In the meanwhile, technology, hope and love save the day, and humanity. That’s everything one renounces to, when becoming a climate alarmist.

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For a humourous Climate Change satire and nice table turn of Richard Curtis’ “No Pressure” short, watch the very enjoyable Kingsman: The Secret Service

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