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About the Pope’s wasteful climate change efforts

There is a lot of naivety about all these Papal efforts on climate change. You can see how much political weight he’s got by listing the countries that follow his teachings regarding abortion or homosexuality for example.

It is also quite dumb to pretend only people who follow Ban Ki-Moon or Francis care about the poor and the planet. I know for a fact that economic development makes the world greener after a while, and the percentages of poor people have never been lower – not to mention longer lifespans and a lot fewer childhood deaths.

Therefore I can state that I can follow the Pope’s moral imperatives even if I totally disagree on the way he wants to tackle them. This means all his push for a negotiated agreement in Paris may as well be a total wasteful enterprise.

And I haven’t even mentioned the profound theological problems when Holy See pronouncements are made on the base of science.

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