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The Mysterious Light Changing Motel One in Aldgate, London

Does it do it? Doesn’t it? Does it too?

The mysterious Motel One in Aldgate, London (still unopened) may have baffled at least one passer-by, but finally I have definitive evidence it does change its colours.

What for and why, still not known. Maybe to get blog posts like this.

Anyway, here is how it appeared on Nov 4, 5:24PM GMT:


Then on Nov 17, 5:30PM GMT:


Maybe somebody spotted the photographer and decided to have fun, because all of a sudden, 30 seconds later:


And finally on Nov 18, 5:50PM:



What can be deducted from the above?

  1. Curious as they already are, the hotel lights can change
  2. For some reason, they do not change often, but can change a lot
  3. Sometimes at least, they can change completely in a few seconds
  4. The photographer seldom remains in the office after 5:30PM (…wait!! I have a good excuse for that!!!)

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There are several buildings on the US side of Niagara Falls, which are constantly and swiftly changing in colors, from top to bottom. And they go through patterns.

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