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The day I got snipped at Climate Audit

Plenty of gnawing of teeth by newly-famous heat-discoverer Robert Way, having been found out as a McIntyre Supporter, or rather, as a singularly scientifically well-prepared SkS “secret forum” member who behaved in public very, very differently.

In the course of today, Steve McI decided to remove a comment of mine, here reproduced for future reference.

Mr Way may have a point. This thread allows him to bring himself into disrepute, if only because duplicity and lack of integrity is the opposite of an excuse. Whoever thinks any good of Albert Speer?

You see, somebody like Buzz [see thread at CA] can always find refuge in ignorance and inability to understand. For example I have demonstrated him that “secret” doesn’t mean “private” because a forum of strangers cannot be considered as “private”. Yet his answer completely misses the point.

That’s different from a person who we now know was fully aware of what was going on. Way’s intellect is way above the SkS average, that is, his behaviour is way below.

As for motives, I find this assertion [by Way] particularly revealing: “I was speaking reflectively on the history of exchanges with climate scientists as a whole rather than this individual case”. So Way’s Crusade has been fuelled by a desire to defend “climate scientists”, with whatever means one suspects. In other walks of life, it is not hard to imagine Eugène Terre’Blanche possessed a very good intellect too, and put it to work to “defend” people he believed to deserve defending with whatever means was necessary. And whoever thinks of any good of Eugène Terre’Blanche?

And just to clarify, when Way asked “Really? Comparing me to a white supremacist?” I replied (comment also removed)

No. Comparing your behaviour to the behaviour of some other people, notorious for their behaviour. As for who is the real you, I have no idea.

(For some reason, Way didn’t find issues regarding the mention of Speer)

This being my blog, let me state that I am not too comfortable with Steve McI’s approach to the topic. First of all, given that he wasn’t born yesterday, he surely must have know that the revelation that Way had supported CA’s stance time and again, would have put Way in deep trouble and caused him the aforementioned gnawing of teeth. As per another comment of mine:

Imagine [Way’s] PhD discussion…a large room with a giant desk, a small army of stern-looking professors sitting as if to surround Candidate Way.

A balding, goatee-sporting professor starts roaring with an even sterner voice: “Tell me, boy…what do you agree with MCINTYRE on?”

A sound of thunder fails to break the icy silence. In the boy’s mind, a portion of fries, and a customer to serve…

I suspect this comment is still live because Way didn’t understand the obscure references especially at the end.

Secondly, Steve McI went way out of his way for Way…to the point of meaninglessly snipping comments a-way:

All these snips are meaningless. These guys [Way and friends at SkS] think the worst of the author of this blog, and deserve protection from imaginary abuse as much as a rhino needs band-aids after stampeding through a china shop.

Anyway, since … cannot be named and … cannot be named either, does anybody know of any historical figure that has been found to be secretly candid and publicly a follower of the party line? WIth 1933-1945 … impossible to mention, I shall presume the state with Moscow as capital is out of bounds as well.

I would just like to know how people who behaved similarly in the past, went on to become great citizens and pinnacles of their profession, that’s all.

(I am still looking for such individuals)

The end result is that we do not have any idea if the CA post was the coldest of revenges, or an invitation to work together in the future.


9 replies on “The day I got snipped at Climate Audit”

Heh. MY comment shut down the comment thread…

“Well, one thing the SkS crowd can pat themselves on the back for. Every minute Mr. McIntyre spends on them and their shenanigans is one less minute spent probing the soft under belly of “climate science.””

Funny how Andy Revkin will publish hundreds of my vitriolic comments and McIntyre has snipped almost all of mine. Why he spends a nanosecond on SkS is beyond me. The Climate Audit Hive Mind™ should stick to statistical parsing.

I’ve been snipped by McI too. For pointing out that the people he classifies as ‘dragonslayers’ include perfectly respectable measurement sceptics, whereas the people he classifies as ‘sceptics’ are in fact lukewarmers who accept unproven IPCC science as being correct in principle if wrong in magnitude of effect.

Thank you for saying so. You’re the only guy I know of whose house was raided on account of holding the wrong opinion of the climate, and that’s something Steven McIntyre can only aspire to.

Neener, neener, Steve.

Anyhow I agree that Way and the SkS crowd neither need or deserve special protections.

OTOH this is a standard MO for Mac, to let the latest climate fableist get it all off their chest, then later on use their words to wack them around a bit.

Maybe he’s still milking them?

Took you long enough. Heck, I got snipped the first day at Climate Audit.

(Steve didn’t want me to talk about the 2nd law of thermodynamics with Neal J. King)

There’s sort of a snob thing that prevails there. I don’t take it personal. A certain amount is to be expected.
If I were the great breaker of hockeysticks, that might make me more conceited.

Or it might be a defense mechanism.

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