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When Dilbert channeled a hairy Mann

Incredibly or maybe not, the media collapse of AR5 is being responded by the usual Great Communicators meeting the usual Great Communicators, trying to figure out who is so evil as to prevent them from greatly communicating (when, in fact, it’s obviously their dumb selves).

Soul-searching what are you.

With climate change “science” reduced to a marketing exercise by marketing amateurs, it’s time to remember two Dilbert strips from exactly three years ago.

Marketing isn't a real thing, is it?
Marketing isn’t a real thing, is it? (Oct 1, 2010)
Baby-eating hobos (Oct 2, 2010)
Baby-eating hobos (Oct 2, 2010)

Replace “baby-eating hobos” with “deniers”. There is obviously something about the goatee.


6 replies on “When Dilbert channeled a hairy Mann”

Indeed. Michael Mann essentially uses the ̶”b̶a̶b̶y̶-̶e̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶o̶b̶o̶s̶” “fossil fuel deniers operating by the tobacco industry playbook” in his current book. But arguably we owe our late friend Stephen Schneider the accolades for employing that meme the earliest of all, when he said skeptics were “out in left field” ( ) and were “contrary-minded scientists … as the tobacco industry has done” (8th paragraph )

Al Gore and his pals could see the IPCC had a major marketing problem back in 1990-2 when skeptics were being listened to. So, instead of improving their product, they tried every way possible to destroy the credibility of the critics in the eyes of the public: “Gore’s Grave New World”

The ultimate coup for us is to expose how their still-current marketing plan has been in place from its inception in the early 1990s.

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