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Global Warming? Nevermind the Warming, still nobody knows if it’s Global…

first reported by Fabio Spina on - in Italian

How Global is Global Warming? A very interesting slide from the “WMO Technical Conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation organized by CIMO WMO (Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations of the World Meteorological Organization) (Brussels, Belgium, 16-18 October 2012).

The slide is from “Introduction on WMO Priorities” by Wenjian Zhang, Director, Observing and Information Systems Department, WMO. It was in the second presentation for the day, after the introduction by the CIMO President. One might logically assume that Zhang’s was one the most important presentations of the whole conference.

The slide shows Dr Zhang’s thoughts on the “key challenges” as “identified through widespread consultations with experts of key communities“.

Remember, this is from the people that actually observe the globe:

Challenges in Climate Observations
Challenges in Climate Observations

Every “key challenge” would be interesting to explore but of course the one about “Data” is particularly telling: “The current availability and quality of climate observations and impacts data are inadequate for large parts of the globe“.

For all the discussions and conferences and proclamations we have been having since the IPCC AR4 in 2007, one has to wonder how little we have moved on the basics.

Five years ago in fact, two thirds of the landmass was still forgotten from the WG2 chapters. And with 96% of Significant Changes coming from Europe alone, the open question was if “Global” Warming could be just European.

We have twice as many changes that are INCONSISTENT with warming in Europe, than CONSISTENT with warming in the rest of the world.

Thousands are waiting in Qatar right now for COP18 to open in a few hours. This news can’t be good. Unless, as suggested by Fabio, every area of the world is equal in importance for the global climate, but some are more equal than others…

4 replies on “Global Warming? Nevermind the Warming, still nobody knows if it’s Global…”

I find it interesting that the US has had an “extreme” heat and drought event that many blame on global warming. Global?! Even the staunchest global warming climatologists insist that this event was due to LaNina. LaNina is a massive cooling of surface waters in the Pacific. LaNina occurs when those waters have cooled 3-5 degrees centigrade. This was the strongest LaNina since the 1950’s.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the gun has been well and truly jumped. The data is sparse, the understanding of what it means is lacking yet the pressure for action is intense. Everybody should just calm down and wait for real data to come in over a decent period of time. Instead we get all of these “if temperatures go up then . . . ( you choose the catastrophe de jour ).

As an aside I notice that Wayne over at tallblokes place has had some interesting thoughts about CO2.

How do you support the assertion we have2x as many changes in europe inconsistent with warming etc ?

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