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There’s a bit more to “student” Eleni Andreadis

Participation of “student” Eleni Andreadis has raised a few questions among the many for 28Gate. Her LinkedIn page is a bit short on CV:


  • Member of the Board SANI SA January 2008 – Present (4 years 11 months)
  • Founder/Director Planet Agents January 2008 – Present (4 years 11 months)


  • Harvard University Masters in Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Government Strategy, Media 2004 – 2006
  • University of Bath BSc in Management, Business 1996 – 2000

However the Wayback Machine (what else?) can help fill the gaps. At some point, Eleni had her TV presence managed by Take 3 Management. The site included a CV (broken link)(wayback machine link for Sep 5, 2008 snapshot):

Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
Masters in Environmental Policy and Media.
University of Bath, School of Management, with year study at University of Virginia.
First Class Honours BSc (Hons) in Business Administration 2000.
2007 – ongoing GREEN TV, London Presenter and Green Talk Host. Work at the UNEP/Greenpeace sponsored channel & iTunes Top Science/Tech podcast, includes green event coverage as well as interview with prominent environmental figures.
2007 –
SMARTPLANET, London, UK Presenter of online environmental video podcasts for CNET’s new green lifestyle website (launching October 2007). CNET Networks is an American company with millions of viewers each month in the US, Europe and Asia.
2007 – ongoing NEW CONSUMER TV,
Presenter of online and TV green and ethical lifestyle weekly video pod casts from across the UK. Pieces include organic farm visits, fair-trade coffee tasting, eco-tourism destination and green technology reviews.
2007 THE REAL NEWS, Canada Presenter/producer of pilot programme Global Warning, a longer-form news segment on the independent news world network focusing on environmental issues, launching late Autumn 2007 and London environment correspondent.
2006 – 07 CURRENT TV, New York Freelance Presenter/Producer – wide range of stories in US
2006 Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Video Documentary Director and interviewer for the Communications Dept. Directed 5 documentary shorts over 5 months profiling the non-profit work of alumni. Interviewed in India, Vietnam, Serbia & US for Harvard’s website & DVD.
2006 THE TODAY PROGRAMME Freelance US Producer for the programme – BBC Radio 4.
2005 – 2006 CAMBRIDGE MEDIA & ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM(supported by BBC News) US US/UK Researcher & Writer. Led & conducted over 30 interview in the area of climate change media coverage.
2005 THE TODAY PROGRAMME,BBC Radio 4 Journalist intern in London. Researched & booked guests, conducted interviews & broadcasted packages- included coverage of the London bombings, essays with historian Eric Hobsbawm & Joseph Rotblat on Nuclear proliferation.
July – Oct
PARTICIPANT PRODUCTIONS/CENTURY FILMS, UK Environmental Consultant for feature-length climate change documentary for international cinematic release.
2003 – 04 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH, UK Researcher & briefings Writer, Policy and Campaign Dept. Directed research with the Policy & Campaign Dept to quantify the regional impacts of climate change in twelve UK regions. Authored public briefings for each region for the 200 local groups & volunteers.
2001 – 03 ACCENTURE Senior Analyst, Government Strategy (UK, Ireland & Canada.
2000 – 2001 Assistant Science officer
& Honduras – trained volunteers
PADI Scuba Diving Master at Coral Cay Conservation in in Scuba diving & underwater species recognition.


It seems Ms Andreadis was more qualified to attend than at first hypothesised. The trouble of having BBC News sponsor a Masters student to work at CMEP to lobby the BBC, it’ll be for another day to understand.

No prize to guess the name of the “feature-length climate change documentary for international cinematic release” worked on in 2007. Who knows what happened at the end of that year though, that made Eleni change her life’s focus.

Green TV doesn’t show anything when her family name is used.

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“No prize to guess the name of the “feature-length climate change documentary for international cinematic release” ”

I don’t think it is An Inconvenient Truth. That came out in 2006.

“Eleni has worked as an environmental strategy consultant for, among others, the Participant Productions follow-up documentary to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth …”

No idea what that was. The time frame would be around Live Earth I think.

I didn’t realise she’d actually wiped the stuff from her CV.
No mention at Green TV? No mention at Accenture or Smartplanet either. Or Friends of the Earth. Maybe that scuba diving course did funny things to her memory.
She doesn’t mention the peer-reviewed article she co-wrote with Joe Smith. Now that’s odd.

We can’t say she wiped it out. We can only wonder why she doesn’t consider it relevant to prop up her online profile.

Sani beach hotel (“the Fiest Hotels in the World”) is run by Stavros and Andreas Andreadis.

“The Sani Resort, a three-generation family-owned resort in Halkidiki, is known for being one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in Greece. As well as offering superb accommodation, service and facilities, the resort is blessed with a stunning natural beauty which Sani wishes to protect and preserve.  Sani has pledged to work in a more sustainable way to benefit future generations as well as enhancing the holiday experience of its guests. [..] the resort is proudly expanding its Sani Green Programme for 2010 under the dynamic direction of Eleni Andreadis, Head of Sustainability for the Sani Group.
“Prior to moving home to Greece to work for the family business, Eleni worked in the UK, Germany and North and Central America, earning a Masters in Environment Policy and Media at Harvard University. She comments ‘I don’t think the environment stands a chance without everyone’s buy-in to the necessity of sustainable development… My father and uncles were blessed to grow up in a place like Sani, among dense trees and clear waters, not worrying about an environmental disaster like climate change changing the planet in their lifetime… As a third-generation member of the family business, I find this particularly poignant.’”

Ok so perhaps the new generation had to pick things up and they called her in. Still that doesn’t explain why all those interviews would be removed from her history.

I give up. What happened in 2007 to make her become the company director of a luxury hotel company and start a programme to brainwash kids?
Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece offers luxury 5 star accommodation in a beautiful location. With views over the Aegean Sea, it is a great holiday destination.

Planet Agents’ site is in Greek, but there’s a PDF in English with a Mission Statement:
• To empower children aged 7-12 to take action on environmental issues.
To revolutionize the role children play in the environmental movement, empowering
them to become a real force for change in their home, school and community.
To achieve this by…
• By enabling children to harness their power in bringing about positive environmental action.
• By making saving the planet a game and social activity, offering kids the chance to take on the role of Planet Agents and undertake fun “Top Secret Missions” to green their home, school and wider community.
• By getting kids to educate and motivate their parents to change their behavior on ten key planet environmental threats.
Projects include:
Learning to compost through a recipe by French Agent Louise Compostine

And there’s a photo of a couple of little Greenshirts.

Why did she renounce all of her previous activity?

Funny – all of these credentials are not… credentials. They are volunteer assignments for largely pro-environmental extremism, anti-semitic/israeli causes, pro-communism volunteer or per diem assignments to support misguided philosophies which have murdered more people than would ever be saved if such policies were ever implemented. I have ever only seen such “credentials” from someone in the Stephen Lewis Collective (ie Naomi Klein et al)

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