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I have seen replies from several warmists today claiming that 28Gate, the revelation that the list of the Jan 26 2006 participants to a BBC/CMEP seminar has been on the ‘net all along. is a non-story. Well, let’s agree with them, shall we.

The BBC has spent untold amounts of money to prevent the non-story from happening. Evidently, those warmists believe that there is no story in discovering the BBC wasting a lot of money on lawyers for no reason at all.

The BBC has fielded six lawyers against a lawyer-less pensioner to defend its right not to do anything about a non-story. Evidently, those warmists believe that there is no story when a Big Corporation tries the squash the Little Guy.

The BBC Trust has disseminated untruths: either the Jan 26 2006 meeting was not as important as claimed by the Trust (so, the Trust’s story was not true) or the participants were not as scientifically expert as claimed by the Trust (so, the Trust’s story was not true). Is this a non-story? If it is, those warmists are saying it is so common for the BBC Trust to mislead the public, there is no news about it.

There we have it then: if 28Gate is a non-story, the BBC Trust is revealed as usually untrue, the BBC as a public-money-wasting machine, and the democratic rights of the individual as betrayed without anybody worrying about them. What a nice description of the world the average CAGWer inhabits.

ps not a single pingback from warmist blogs in the day this site got 20,000 visitors. Plenty of shock to recover from, hence the lack of arguments.

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Someone needs to seriously investigate the link between George Soros (the hedge fund manager aka currency manipulator) and Michael Mann (data manipulator). Soros’ billions are (1) currently heavily invested in green energy companies and (2) the source of Mann’s legal defense fund. Soros’ green hedge fund even has Cathy Zoi, an ex-undersecretary of Energy under Obama, on staff. Conflict of interest, much? Please, investigative journalists need to look into this. Soros is like an octopus with tentacles up every skirt.

This story has now been picked up in Italy by the daily “Il Foglio”, and the weekly “Tempi”, as well as blogs Climate Monitor, and Critica scientifica, blog of Enzo Pennetta.
The BBC’s Rome correspondent is no doubt getting enquiries from his Italian colleagues, and is no doubt urgently consulting his bosses in London… who are no doubt searching in vain the British press and their own output, trying to find some scrap of information to counter the information in the Italian press. (The BBC was already making the headlines in Italy because of McAlpine and Savile).

The initial sounds of silence are the most telling, aren’t they?! But inevitably when they recover their voices, the chorus is the same: it’s just an evil “denier” meme, and it doesn’t matter anyway.

So just as the BBC Trust wants to have it both ways (in so many ways!), so does the army of dedicated climate hypochondriacs and their favourite media mavens.

Almost makes one wonder what might be transpiring behind closed screens, so to speak.

I suspect the lawyers won’t accept “meme money”…

That “special kind of silence” is then broken by the sound of breaking glass and footsteps. The Guardian is actually leading today on a story about a Greenpeace sting which claims to reveal a nefarious conspiracy between Delingpole and the Tories. It’s monstrously trivial, but interesting, that Greenpeace is setting itself up as an undercover detective agency devoted to bringing down sceptics.
Maurizio, don’t take your normal route to work tomorrow. And look out for sultry Mata Hari-type women – especially if they’re twins.

Ben Webster – Greenpeace – 2 years ago…

– We have to make “brand sceptic” toxic.

– We need a new, compelling narrative, and pull together a community of activists determined to hold journalists to account.

– We have to launch a campaign so these people are scared of us.

Webster and George MArshall(COIN, Risingtide CaCC) at the same ampaign Against Climate Change debate:

“Climategate” is a resonant metaphor. We’ve been out-manoeuvred.

– They have inserted this into the language.

– [About the word “Climategate”] It probably came from Marc Morano first.

– Look at the word “sceptic”. It’s a very carefully chosen word.

– I rather use “denier” – and I’m delighted to say it works.


Greenpeace worry me.

The Jo Abbess link is priceless. But it’s Ben Stewart. Ben Webster is either the media correspondent (ex environment) of the Times or (preferably) the purry tenor sax behind Ella Fitzgerald.
Ben Stewart is not happy with us. It would be worth hunting out more of his stuff.


I have seen via your twitter feed that Joe Smith said “@etzpcm No paul, co-organiser IBT posted the documents in error: when realised they were asked 2 take down”

This makes me wonder who realised the error and then asked the IBT to pull the document. Given the filenames and Wayback archive pages it is a reasonable guess that the error was noticed in the summer of 2008 long after Tony Newbery had submitted his FOI request.

I too have sensed that “special kind of silence” – also experienced sometimes in the Guardian’s CiF conversations, where a comment is so apt that the usual nasty warmist flak is somehow… absent. Moments like these are to be cherished.

When I posted something at WUWT some time ago, John Cook and friends came out in full force…

I wonder if these older posts from other sites link to this?

Reports from February 2010 at

Guess what? The man responsible for looking after the fat pensions of the boys and girls at the BBC is a climate change fanatic, and he is part of an international group of investment managers who bust a gut to invest in ‘climate change’ schemes. He’s called Peter Dunscombe, and he runs the £8.2bn corporation pension fund, advising trustees on a day-to-day basis about their investments. Mr Dunscombe, who addresses conferences about ‘ethical investments’, is also chairman of the Institutional Investment Group on Climate Change(IIGCC), which has 47 members and manages four trillion euros’ worth of investments; yes, four trillion. Their goal is to find as many ‘climate change’ investment opportunities as possible:

The IIGCC Investor Statement on Climate change was launched in October 2006. Asset owners and asset managers who signed the Statement committed to increasing their focus on climate change in their own processes and in their engagement with companies and governments.

So now we really know why BBC staffers are so fanatical about ‘climate change’. It’s naked self-interest. In 2008, there were 18,736 contributors to the BBC pension fund; every man jack of them benefits from climate alarmism.

(h/t anonymous eagle-eyed B-BBC contributor)

Update: I’ve been going through the latest BBC Pensions Trust report, and it reveals that Helen Boaden, who is the overall boss of the BBC’s news and current affairs operation, was appointed to the trust in 2008. So the woman who tells environment reporters such as Roger Harrabin and Richard Black that the science is settled also works to maximise the returns of the pension fund with Peter Dunscombe. I thought that needed spelling out fully, just in case any subtleties might be missed.


20k visitors, eh? That’s the power of slashdot.

I’ve almost stopped commenting on CAGW nowadays: the wheels have just about fallen off the wagon now so there doesn’t really seem to be very much point. I do rather miss it though. Lampooning pseudo-science is always fun, but the AGW flavour was more satisfying than most.

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