Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-09

  • Anybody who's ever tried the BBC complaints procedure knows a culture of impunity is still strong @bbcr4today #
  • Will Paxo host a mirror in the studio tonight, give a grilling to somebody who chose silence over celebrity rape? @bbcr4today @BBCNewsnight #
  • You've left your Director General freely imply fellow journos made mistake over #Saville cover-up not the Organization. @bbcr4today #fail #
  • BBC journos free from pressure by BBC Organization? Only if they can't think of a career. Another reporting #fail @bbcr4today #
  • Don't know how well the USA will be steered for the next 4 years. But things are looking good if you're a Big yellow Bird! Rejoice! #usa2012 #
  • La demolizione di @GiancarloGalan sul @Corriereit da parte di Gian Antonio Stella riguardo lo scandalo #Girolamini appare proprio definitiva #
  • MT @PDLPrimarie: @ilfoglio_it @matteorenzi @ripartiredazero @PietroSalvatori 3 x tutti (p. es) @alesindaco @guglielmopicchi @GiorgiaMeloni #
  • Police to _random_ test UK motorists? We will soon have a good sample of drinking habits among Afro-Caribbean males… #

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