Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-05

  • Unsure about @MarsCuriosity "ancient riverbed" claims. Even impact craters have trouble surviving for billions of years. #mars #
  • Passengers often not smarter than managers on @Se_Railway with bodies squashing by the doors while rest of train has standing places aplenty #
  • RT @mobyoctopad: If you are stuck in traffic in a car, you ARE the traffic #
  • Feel free to tweet next how, according to the Pope, Luther was very wrong @pim_martens @BarryJWoods in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • RT @Scruton_Quotes: "It is the steadfast person who earns the abuse of the mob, and the weak-willed conformist who escapes their censure" #
  • It always comes down to anti-capitalism and keeping the Chinese poor doesn't it 🙁 @kalahar1 @BarryJWoods @cwhope #agw in reply to kalahar1 #
  • If I grew wings would you follow my lead and basejump from Mt Everest? @BarryJWoods @cwhope Remember the Spartans: "IF!" in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • Next they'll ask for pictures of scantily-clad girls in scientific papers, to cheer up some readers @Keith_Laws @edyong209 in reply to Keith_Laws #
  • The @IHT just celebrated its 125th anniversary by forecasting end of capitalism, chaos and failure of China and India. Time for a shrink? #
  • Hmmmm…will they allow the use of teleprompters in next debates? 🙂 @LeoHickman @keithkloor #usa2012 in reply to LeoHickman #
  • Senior software tester (banking, telecomms) available for work in Europe (not me). Reply if of interest. #jobsearch #

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