Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-03

  • Ironically, the @iht "Global CLEAN Energy Report" infomercial is printed on heavier sheets than the rest of the newspaper #
  • Violent parents and spouses might be the only cases when torture on live TV should be considered a fair punishment and deterrent #
  • Police-sponsored effective rape of young #eco activists by the likes of Mark Kennedy shows greens considered easy to fall for dishonesty. #
  • Don't cave in @Maria_MillerMP to the Murdoch-hating @Avaaz bullies. UK newsmedia problem much bigger than RM's business. #
  • Fiorito in carcere. La magistratura si unisce allo spettacolo. Come sempre. #Italia #
  • Mobbing in corso su Twitter contro @gasparripdl . Ma se gli fosse importata la popolarità proverrebbe da PCI o DC, no? Oppure PSI. #
  • Ma perché @donnadimezzo @SpioneValerio ce l'avete con Greggio, Sposini e "i froci"? in reply to donnadimezzo #
  • Meschini pauperisti parlano di stipendi e politici. Intanto, come dice Maugeri ad @alinomilan, il 'malloppo' resta in mano alle Regioni. #
  • If you want to be part of the solution, hope it's not caustic soda. #

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