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The Unknown Skeptic – My Essay at WUWT

Anthony Watts of WUWT has been kind enough to host “The Unknown Skeptic – Journalism, awaiting to be freed“, a rather long essay of mine of the work done by James Painter and others in order to identify what makes climate change skeptical voices audible and readable more or less often in six countries.

The original and twice-as-long essay, divided in seven parts, was published on this site at the beginning of February 2012 (starting point here).

Finally and BTW, let me top this shameless self-promotion and elevate this comment left at WUWT:

John Whitman says:

Maurizio Morabito (aka omnologos ),

Your piece is a feast of ideas that I think will fertilize others to write an avalanche of additional posts on the virtues of hard core scientific skepticism toward the IPCC ‘consensus’ / ‘settled’ alarming climate science.

I really liked your, “Rather differently than Isaac Newton, Dr Painter might have found himself not on the shoulder of giants, but under the boots of minions.”

I really like your sense of style.

Thank you.



Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-11

  • Food price hike? @BBCr4today simply cannot resist "upcoming disaster" news porn. #
  • Victims didn't have to wait for abusing priests to die. Is the @BBC worse than the Catholic Church? #JimmySavile #
  • Comune #ReggioCalabria sciolto per prevenire infiltrazioni mafiose future. Regione #Lombardia già infiltrata, dunque niente scioglimento 8-( #
  • When American friends try to make fun of bunga-bunga Italian politics, I have now an answer: BIG BIRD. Thank you @BarackObama @MittRomney #
  • D'Alema in barca. @matteorenzi in jet. Il PD in becille. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-10

  • Dimmi @EnricoLetta condividi l'idea di Monti di perseguitare come evasore fiscale chi non paga allo Stato l'IVA che non ha mai ricevuto? #
  • Non fosse per un piccolo particolare, il Min. Cancellieri potrebbe oggi proporre il modello-carcere come cura dimagrante. #Cuffaro #
  • Wikipedia's obsession with journalistic references means all contemporary articles are half-truths and misguided exaggerations. #
  • La decisione del Min. Cancellieri riguardo #ReggioCalabria è politica e non tecnica, ed è anche insensata. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-09

  • Anybody who's ever tried the BBC complaints procedure knows a culture of impunity is still strong @bbcr4today #
  • Will Paxo host a mirror in the studio tonight, give a grilling to somebody who chose silence over celebrity rape? @bbcr4today @BBCNewsnight #
  • You've left your Director General freely imply fellow journos made mistake over #Saville cover-up not the Organization. @bbcr4today #fail #
  • BBC journos free from pressure by BBC Organization? Only if they can't think of a career. Another reporting #fail @bbcr4today #
  • Don't know how well the USA will be steered for the next 4 years. But things are looking good if you're a Big yellow Bird! Rejoice! #usa2012 #
  • La demolizione di @GiancarloGalan sul @Corriereit da parte di Gian Antonio Stella riguardo lo scandalo #Girolamini appare proprio definitiva #
  • MT @PDLPrimarie: @ilfoglio_it @matteorenzi @ripartiredazero @PietroSalvatori 3 x tutti (p. es) @alesindaco @guglielmopicchi @GiorgiaMeloni #
  • Police to _random_ test UK motorists? We will soon have a good sample of drinking habits among Afro-Caribbean males… #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-08

  • Assurdo dare il voto in cambio di promesse e poi lamentarsi quando sono disattese. La #democrazia non è un Supermercato del Futuro. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-06

  • Summer heatwave in the making? #mars #
  • Will you ask the Nobel Peace Prize committee about drone attacks? @bbcr4today #
  • 3-month contract available in NYC for #Datamart #Murex developer. Contact me if interested. NO AGENCIES please. #
  • . @antoniopolito1 Ho sentito che gli iscritti del PD politicamente fattivi si sono recentemente incontrati sui sedili posteriori di un taxi. in reply to antoniopolito1 #
  • Questo è il momento dell'impegno politico. E chi non ne abbia voglia non si lamenti poi dei risultati. Analogamente per il passato. #Italia #
  • Animusic HD – Resonant Chamber (1080p): via @youtube #
  • Napolitano: "Italia travagliata". Travaglio: "Italia napolitanata". Gli Italiani: "Italia montata". #
  • Would be funny if the POTUS disastrous debate appearance could be traced to four years of having been left mostly unchallenged. #USA2012 #
  • Come mai Monti, una volta scoperta l'evasione fiscale di Stato, non ha commesso seppuku? @chicago_blog #Italia #
  • Romano #Prodi inviato ONU nel Mali. Ma non sanno che al-Qaeda mal sopporta la mortadella? #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-05

  • Unsure about @MarsCuriosity "ancient riverbed" claims. Even impact craters have trouble surviving for billions of years. #mars #
  • Passengers often not smarter than managers on @Se_Railway with bodies squashing by the doors while rest of train has standing places aplenty #
  • RT @mobyoctopad: If you are stuck in traffic in a car, you ARE the traffic #
  • Feel free to tweet next how, according to the Pope, Luther was very wrong @pim_martens @BarryJWoods in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • RT @Scruton_Quotes: "It is the steadfast person who earns the abuse of the mob, and the weak-willed conformist who escapes their censure" #
  • It always comes down to anti-capitalism and keeping the Chinese poor doesn't it 🙁 @kalahar1 @BarryJWoods @cwhope #agw in reply to kalahar1 #
  • If I grew wings would you follow my lead and basejump from Mt Everest? @BarryJWoods @cwhope Remember the Spartans: "IF!" in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • Next they'll ask for pictures of scantily-clad girls in scientific papers, to cheer up some readers @Keith_Laws @edyong209 in reply to Keith_Laws #
  • The @IHT just celebrated its 125th anniversary by forecasting end of capitalism, chaos and failure of China and India. Time for a shrink? #
  • Hmmmm…will they allow the use of teleprompters in next debates? 🙂 @LeoHickman @keithkloor #usa2012 in reply to LeoHickman #
  • Senior software tester (banking, telecomms) available for work in Europe (not me). Reply if of interest. #jobsearch #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-04

  • US conservatives and liberals are so much alike. Only diff, conservatives believe a Disaster already happened; liberals, are waiting for it. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-03

  • Ironically, the @iht "Global CLEAN Energy Report" infomercial is printed on heavier sheets than the rest of the newspaper #
  • Violent parents and spouses might be the only cases when torture on live TV should be considered a fair punishment and deterrent #
  • Police-sponsored effective rape of young #eco activists by the likes of Mark Kennedy shows greens considered easy to fall for dishonesty. #
  • Don't cave in @Maria_MillerMP to the Murdoch-hating @Avaaz bullies. UK newsmedia problem much bigger than RM's business. #
  • Fiorito in carcere. La magistratura si unisce allo spettacolo. Come sempre. #Italia #
  • Mobbing in corso su Twitter contro @gasparripdl . Ma se gli fosse importata la popolarità proverrebbe da PCI o DC, no? Oppure PSI. #
  • Ma perché @donnadimezzo @SpioneValerio ce l'avete con Greggio, Sposini e "i froci"? in reply to donnadimezzo #
  • Meschini pauperisti parlano di stipendi e politici. Intanto, come dice Maugeri ad @alinomilan, il 'malloppo' resta in mano alle Regioni. #
  • If you want to be part of the solution, hope it's not caustic soda. #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-02

  • Lunga parentesi di Monti sembra disegnata per fare in modo che @pbersani e il #PD soliti conigli, non si assumano responsabilità alcuna. #
  • Fini per Monti-bis cioè imbalsamatura elettorato. Prossimo #FLI che incontro meglio che indossi occhiali perché devo sputargli in un occhio. #
  • Anybody talking of "ocean acidification" is like a scammer who repays 1/10th of a debt and then claims to be a creditor. #agw #acidification #
  • Main lifestyle difference England/Continent is that in the latter a classy comfort isn't something to frown upon #
  • Daily Telegraph "100 cods" story shows @davidshukmanbbc + BBC Science crew not alone in attempt to kill off reputation of #science reporting #
  • If I were naughty I would suspect even more product placement at the BBC here… #
  • Impossibile "proteggere" un figlio di Sindaco di Roma dai giornalisti @AlemannoTW -non ci riuscì neanche Clinton. Urge strategia nuova. (!!) in reply to AlemannoTW #

Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-10-01