Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-09-29

  • Pakistan is in such a dire situation, Ministers of State have to get to the bottom of the barrel in the scramble for support. @BBCR4Today #
  • Shi'a are persecuted in Sunni countries. Sunni are persecuted in Shi'a countries. Idea of "Islamic" conspiracy is beyond contempt @Paratisi in reply to Paratisi #
  • Vi assicuro che non seguo @24america @MarioPlatero per sapere delle gravidanze di Beyoncé. in reply to 24america #
  • Nostalgia Prima Repubblica riguardo #Fiorito @alinomilan …non ricordi più la storia di De Lorenzo??? #
  • "Dhimmitude" is a concept for scared Israelis, paranoid Lebanese Christians and dim rest-of-the-world'ers. #
  • Social radio <> social TV perché la radio va in podcast @MarioPlatero – ho appena ascoltato la puntata del 25 #
  • Hi @LeoHickman – are you getting tired of bombastic #climate claims too? Finally! in reply to LeoHickman #
  • How's it going @hari have you been _corrected_ yet? On the pos side none of the 18,000 seems planning violence -so far #