Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-09-23

  • Hi @milesobrien could you please explain how the interview of a human being can be described a "horrible, horrible thing"? #
  • Un giornalista che blocca lettori su Twitter è un cretino fatto e finito. #
  • We'll discover on Monday what the PBS Ombudsman will choose betw/n defending journalistic freedom and bending over to the CAGW bullies @hari #
  • Il Papa a gamba tesa nella politica italiana: a dimostrare che a Porta Pia non vinse l'Italia. #
  • Dispiace per @alesallusti ma giornalisti e politici si sveglino cortesemente prima riguardo l'illiberalità diffusa in #Italia #
  • Alas @JudithCurry more able than Ombudsman at spelling out illiberal nature of anti-Watts protests @ChairmanAl @hari in reply to ChairmanAl #
  • "There's a piece of your soul out there that you didn't know was missing": Song of the Rolling Earth h/t @greenman3610 #
  • According to 2-time Paralympics gold winner Alex Zanardi @lxznr the NYC Marathon @INGNYCMarathon is refusing his entry because he's too fast #
  • Monti e Grillo sono entrambi espressione del fallimento politico italiano @ricpuglisi @albertoinfelise @AngeloMellone @lanapoleoni in reply to ricpuglisi #
  • "Ci sono due modi per schiavizzare una nazione, uno è la spada l'altro l'indebitarla" – J Adams via @PositiveEnerG in reply to PositiveEnerG #
  • Two dozen Americans in Benghazi "consulate" when Amb. Stevens was killed. Suggests there's much more to the story than "terrorism". #Libya #

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