Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-09-22

  • La festa in costume "greco" è di due anni fa. L'ipocrisia regna al @Corriereit come al solito. #
  • The Y chromosome is worth at least $5,000 #
  • We cannot yet say that Lewandowsky's paper is a fraud. Out of respect for fraudsters, that is. @Foxgoose @skepticscience @BarryJWoods in reply to Foxgoose #
  • This is very funny #muslimrage #
  • Come al solito tutto in #Italia è sottosopra: Monti la affonda, i questori non fanno domande, e la Casta non è assolutamente casta. #
  • Groupon just asked me to buy "Silentnight Pillows" – a waste of money, given the circumstances #
  • Manipulation of Wikipedia? – Jimmy Wales blind to the problem for too long. #
  • The FIrst Amendment is about Freedom of Speech. That's why so many people are fighting against freedom of thought. #