Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-09-18

  • Crowds of well-meaning useful idiots roam the Western world – no sh*t sherlock… #
  • If Bibi had wanted to attack #Iran he'd have done it already. It's just that now is the time for empty posturing to translate into votes. #
  • Where @LiveScience forgets Al Gore's "millions of degrees" (plus a 1985 study to reply to @RickSantorum?) #fail #
  • Curioso come #Fiorito e amici abbiano fatto la bella vita a Roma senza che alcun giornalista se ne accorgesse. @LaZanzaraR24 @Corriereit #
  • PG: "Se alle parole di @renatapolverini seguissero i fatti Grillo non sarebbe un problema neanche per il #PdL quot; – diglielo @guglielmopicchi #
  • "Globally, USDA is still projecting the 2nd-largest corn crop in history" Any journalist with the courage to report it? #
  • Best comment so far: POTUS' foreign policy so successful, it fell because of a low-quality movie. #Libya #Stevens #
  • SECRET RECORDING OF MITT ROMNEY paraded on @BBCr4today – saying …not so much. "Embarrassing" yes but for journalism #