Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-09-11

  • Il #Kitegen su WUWT #
  • Poor Lisa can finally have a rest… #London2012 #
  • POTUS in trouble: @IHT keeps printing funny cartoons about (lack of) economic recovery #
  • Listeners threatened by @BBCr4today with new series on worries about the future. Conflict of interest anybody? #
  • Monti: dal 2013 l'Italia comincerà a crescere. Pensa di ri-invadere l'Albania? #
  • MT @TonyParsonsUK: After #Paralympics I hope first Premiership footballer to fall over when not hurt has the decency to die of embarrassment #
  • MT @AntonellaErric2: [Monti] conquisterà il Principato di San Marino! ;-P …è l'unica terra d'Italia col PIL in positivo :-DDDD #

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