Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-09-01

  • #Homelessness AT 27 YEARS LOW! Why isn't THAT the big news of the day? Instead you talk about hypothetical worries @BBCr4today #fail #
  • #Reuters finds silver lining: "carbon emission TRADING gets a lift from Australia/EU agreement". Prices to fall, but nevermind. #agw #
  • Il @Corriereit 'beccato' a inventarsi notizie inesistenti. E io che pensavo fosse monopolio di @repubblicait ? #
  • Has anybody who walked on the Moon come back to Earth an out-and-out greenie fundamentalist? Astronauts sound 'eco' only when in career. #
  • World Tech Leaders meet at #IFA2012 in Berlin. In other news: teleconferencing still a massive failure. #
  • Le malelingue diranno…così Del Piero si fa altri sei mesi d'estate… @ATempoDiSport in reply to ATempoDiSport #
  • Do you know any anti-CO2-emission effort that hasn't revealed itself counterproductive? @mark_lynas @regplatt @PlanktonMath @aDissentient in reply to mark_lynas #
  • Milioni si risveglieranno pensando…Carneade #Martini chi era costui? #Italia #
  • Hurricane Kirk heading for the UK. Quick! Hide away all those Star Trek videos with Picard in them! #

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