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The International Herald Tribune Fails Neil Armstrong

From: Maurizio
To: Letters IHT
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 6:56 PM


As a long-time subscriber […] I was looking forward for today’s (27/8) newspaper, but obviously got the wrong one. You see, the death of Neil Armstrong is a tiny mention on the front and a minute area at page 5.

I am sure nobody at the IHT can be such an ignoramus as to reduce one of the biggest stories of 2012 at the level of a small footnote in history. PLEASE SEND ME THE VERSION WITH AN APPROPRIATE EULOGY FOR SOMEBODY DEFINED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA AS A “GREAT AMERICAN HERO”.

In the meanwhile, conscious that the biggest sin for a journalist is to not be read, I am sending you back via post the newspaper delivered this morning, 99.99% of it absolutely pristine.


One reply on “The International Herald Tribune Fails Neil Armstrong”

You seem to be as obsessed with the failings of the IHT as I am with those of the Guardian. Armstrong’s achievement is one of the major stories of the 20th century. His passing, alas, is simply part of the reality of human existence.
You should have had to endure the French tv news coverage: 25 minutes out of 30 devoted to people who didn’t know him, and had nothing to say of interest, recalling things we already knew. The best homage we can pay him is to scan the Curiosity images of Mars and wait impatiently for the Chinese.

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