Don’t Blame Harry! Blame The Genes! And Aiscophilia…

Naked Harry in The Sun? Just another ordinary episode in the Windsor’s unrecognised genetic disease: Aiscophilia, the predisposition for getting oneself entangled in a scandal.

Remember? Harry the Nazi in 2005, the violent serial urinating cousin head of the House of Hanover, Edward the abdicating King of 1936, Albert Victor “the dissipated” grandchild of Queen Victoria. Prince Andrew linked to sex predator in 2011. And Philip too (third cousin to Elizabeth, after all).

Nothing new to report, really. Unless anybody spots a Nazi tattoo on Harry’s…



Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-08-23

  • UK Bank Holiday curse spreading around Europe…most of the Continent expects heavy rains this weekend! #
  • The BBC weather service doesn't know about the Svalbard. No surprise there. #
  • Meles #Zenawi ..the inspiration for Angry Birds' archenemies? #