Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-08-01

  • Science journos looking for prognostications in scientists haven't learned a thing about science @BBCr4today #
  • We have longer lifespan, fewer child and maternal deaths, fewer wars, lower violence. And you still fear the future @BBCr4today #totalfail #
  • "We cannot all live like Europeans and Americans"? March down to the nearest cave, you hopeless hypocrites! @BBCr4today #
  • I'm not a "conservative", "liberal", "socialist" or "libertarian". I'm a "Universalist": because I believe it's "the Universe, or nothing". #
  • Rabid greenies don't have it wrong. Without hope, humanity can only wither. But THEY are the hope-killers. It's a Crime Against the Future. #
  • Chi creda non ci siano risorse per il benessere dell'Umanità si trasferisca nella caverna più vicina e viva di bacche e carcasse. Grazie! #
  • . @BarryJWoods @drgrist @etzpcm @revkin @leohickman anybody who falls for Lewandosky's rubbish is a mindless twat. That much we know. #agw in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • . @szabosolicitors of course. Without catastrophes there'd be no political interest and climatology would be treated like any space science. in reply to szabosolicitors #
  • Magnini lumaca. Attendiamoci su Twitter un'altra valanga contro la #Pellegrini @tpellizzari #Londra2012 #
  • Shin A Lam non poteva lasciare la pedana perché nella scherma significa accettare il verdetto e rinunciare alla protesta. @tpellizzari #
  • Monti vede la luce in fondo al tunnel. È UN TRENO! È UN TRENO! #Italia #
  • By far the worst thing at the Olympics is the souvenir stand. Unless one is fanatical about pins. #London2012 #