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  • Via @santalmassi un articolo che dispiacerà molto ai fanatici pro-magistratura #Berlusconi #Italia #
  • Monumento a #Graziani ad Affile. E all'ignoranza. I suoi crimini in Etiopia furono così efferati che persino Hitler non usò armi chimiche. #
  • Now #Romney could do the right thing and become VP candidate to #Ryan #GOP #USA2012 #
  • Niente fa perdere le speranze quanto ascoltare le insulse stupide telefonate degli ascoltatori de @LaZanzaraR24 @lazanzara_r24 #Italia #
  • Quando c'è da parlare di Monti, al @Corriereit si comportano tali e quali come fossero in Corea del Nord… #Italia #
  • Defending a concept is an insult to that concept, because nobody defends what isn't weak. Rule applies to much, including BNP and al-Qaeda. #
  • Nuova caduta di stile al @Corriereit – corrispondenti da Tampa parlano di sé invece che dei Repubblicani. Giocano al New York Times insomma. #

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  • Lots of noise last year about Irene (a Cat.1 hurricane), this year Isaac (just a Tropical Storm). Welcome to the pumped-up era of 24-h news. #
  • Next Cat. 5 hurricane hitting the USA, some journos will die because of excessive joy. #

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  • Yeo in favor of Heathrow expansion (helped by @BBCr4today) . Go figure @aDissentient #
  • And now @BBCr4today breathlessly linking corn problems in USA with rise of carrot prices in England. News sausagemaking at its best. #
  • Lots of very nice people in high-visibility vests at #Bletchley Park. Is anything hidden in plain sight, one wonders… #
  • . @robinit66 eppure @Corriereit è spesso un insulto all'intelligenza dei lettori! in reply to robinit66 #
  • L'Amministrazione Pubblica italiana è un manicomiale "telefono senza fili" generatore di insensate e controproducenti delibere attuative. #
Astronautics Astronomy & Space International Herald Tribune

The International Herald Tribune Fails Neil Armstrong

From: Maurizio
To: Letters IHT
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 6:56 PM


As a long-time subscriber […] I was looking forward for today’s (27/8) newspaper, but obviously got the wrong one. You see, the death of Neil Armstrong is a tiny mention on the front and a minute area at page 5.

I am sure nobody at the IHT can be such an ignoramus as to reduce one of the biggest stories of 2012 at the level of a small footnote in history. PLEASE SEND ME THE VERSION WITH AN APPROPRIATE EULOGY FOR SOMEBODY DEFINED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA AS A “GREAT AMERICAN HERO”.

In the meanwhile, conscious that the biggest sin for a journalist is to not be read, I am sending you back via post the newspaper delivered this morning, 99.99% of it absolutely pristine.



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  • Op-Ed in The Observer about the Internet feeding sectarianism is hypocritical pinnacle of 2012. #
  • My week on twitter: 1 retweets received, 3 new followers, 13 mentions. Via: #

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English Olympics Sport

Lance Armstrong To Be Reinstated As Tour de France Winner (in 2082)

Everybody knows that, whatever the USADA will try to say, Lance Armstrong will remain the winner of seven Tours de France. Only thing, he might have to wait a long while before the hypocrisy surrounding doping will finally disappear.

From Jim Thorpe’s Wikipedia entry:

In 1912, strict rules regarding amateurism were in effect for athletes participating in the Olympics. Athletes who received money prizes for competitions, were sports teachers or had competed previously against professionals, were not considered amateurs and were barred from competition.

In late January 1913, the Worcester Telegram published a story announcing that Thorpe had played professional baseball, and other U.S. newspapers followed up the story. Thorpe had indeed played professional baseball in the Eastern Carolina League for Rocky Mount, North Carolina, in 1909 and 1910, receiving meager pay; reportedly as little as US $2 ($50 today) per game and as much as $35 ($873 today) per week. College players, in fact, regularly spent summers playing professionally but most used aliases, unlike Thorpe.

Although the public didn’t seem to care much about Thorpe’s past, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), and especially its secretary James Edward Sullivan, took the case very seriously. Thorpe wrote a letter to Sullivan, in which he admitted playing professional baseball:

…”I hope I will be partly excused by the fact that I was simply an Indian schoolboy and did not know all about such things. In fact, I did not know that I was doing wrong, because I was doing what I knew several other college men had done, except that they did not use their own names….”

His letter didn’t help. The AAU decided to withdraw Thorpe’s amateur status retroactively and asked the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to do the same. Later that year, the IOC unanimously decided to strip Thorpe of his Olympic titles, medals and awards and declare him a professional.

Although Thorpe had played for money, the AAU and IOC did not follow the rules for disqualification. The rulebook for the 1912 Olympics stated that protests had to be made “within” 30 days from the closing ceremonies of the games. The first newspaper reports did not appear until January 1913, about six months after the Stockholm Games had concluded. There is also some evidence that Thorpe’s amateur status had been questioned long before the Olympics, but the AAU had ignored the issue until being confronted with it in 1913.

And what happened then seventy years later (and 30 years after Thorpe’s death in 1953)?

Over the years, supporters of Thorpe attempted to have his Olympic titles reinstated. US Olympic officials, including former teammate and later president of the IOC Avery Brundage, rebuffed several attempts, with Brundage once saying, “Ignorance is no excuse.” Most persistent were the author Robert Wheeler and his wife, Florence Ridlon. They succeeded in having the AAU and United States Olympic Committee overturn its decision and restore Thorpe’s amateur status prior to 1913.

In 1982, Wheeler and Ridlon established the Jim Thorpe Foundation and gained support from the U.S. Congress. Armed with this support and evidence from 1912 proving that Thorpe’s disqualification had occurred after the 30-day time period allowed by Olympics rules, they succeeded in making the case to the IOC. In October 1982, the IOC Executive Committee approved Thorpe’s reinstatement. In an unusual ruling, they declared that Thorpe was co-champion with Bie and Wieslander, although both of these athletes had always said they considered Thorpe to be the only champion. In a ceremony on January 18, 1983, the IOC presented two of Thorpe’s children, Gale and Bill, with commemorative medals. Thorpe’s original medals had been held in museums, but they had been stolen and have never been recovered.

As reported by the New York Times in 1975, the passing of Brundage in the same year didn’t hurt Thorpe’s case. Likewise, on Oct 22, 1974 the word “AMATEUR” in the meanwhile had finally been “scrubbed from the Olympic lexicon as the 75th session of the International Olympic Committee opens […] with the avowed intention of eradicating hypocrisy(my emphasis).


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  • Funny how @BBCr4today journos feel compelled to opinionize about history, politics and economics but are reduced to mumbling about science. #
  • Ban on #smoking is not a restriction to freedom, is a protection for others who want to be free NOT to inhale the stuff. #
  • #Climate change denialism hugely popular among coccolitophores #oceanacidification #

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  • La parola 'Sostenibilità' è considerata da troppi un lasciapassare per poter raccontare un mucchio di sciocchezze. #eco #

Don’t Blame Harry! Blame The Genes! And Aiscophilia…

Naked Harry in The Sun? Just another ordinary episode in the Windsor’s unrecognised genetic disease: Aiscophilia, the predisposition for getting oneself entangled in a scandal.

Remember? Harry the Nazi in 2005, the violent serial urinating cousin head of the House of Hanover, Edward the abdicating King of 1936, Albert Victor “the dissipated” grandchild of Queen Victoria. Prince Andrew linked to sex predator in 2011. And Philip too (third cousin to Elizabeth, after all).

Nothing new to report, really. Unless anybody spots a Nazi tattoo on Harry’s…



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  • UK Bank Holiday curse spreading around Europe…most of the Continent expects heavy rains this weekend! #
  • The BBC weather service doesn't know about the Svalbard. No surprise there. #
  • Meles #Zenawi ..the inspiration for Angry Birds' archenemies? #

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  • Stalin vs Hitler. Kruschev vs Kennedy. Breznev vs Reagan. #Putin vs Pussy Riots. Enough said. #

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  • Io: "Questa auto non è una democrazia! Io sono alla guida, il Duce, il Führer!". Passeggeri in difficoltà… #
  • Alleged anti- #Assange assault shows GB leading for Olympic gold in boneheadedness #

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  • Monti ha impiegato 9 mesi per entrare in conflitto con la magistratura. Poco più di Silvio nel 1994. #ilva #italia #

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  • Main difference regarding #London2012 is that Italian press celebrates bronze, GB press decries silver. #

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  • The #agw debate has died. Nobody has said anything new for weeks, prisoners of repeating patterns. #climate #

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  • Politica e giornalismo sono in gran parte basati sull'incapacità di lettori ed elettori di ricordare alcunché #

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  • My week on twitter: 43 retweets received, 1 new listings, 12 new followers, 87 mentions. Via: #
  • Sixteen gold medals! Surely UK Sports are receiving too much funding 🙂 #London2012 #TeamGB #

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  • Greenies are unbeatable at scouring the world for tragedies to feed their obsession from. Now it's #India .. (cont) #eco #green #
  • (cont) #India is in trouble with power generation ALSO because of asinine pseudo- #eco #green policies. #
  • Jessica #Ennis just rescued many #London2012 sponsorship deals! 🙂 #
  • Still absurd for long jump to have to depend on where the foot hits the board. #London2012 #
  • . @flimsin @DigitalJonathan tracker shows @London2012 and @Ticketmaster simply failed at making tickets just available in reply to flimsin #
  • Fall 2012 TV schedule: "Britain's got Olympic Talent"; "Olympic Brother"; "The Olympic Factor"; "Olympicnation Street"; "East Olympiers" etc #

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  • If SOME green garden waste bags are heavy but NOT ALL, it's reasonable to expect the LIGHTER BAGS to BE COLLECTED @Veolia_ES_UK @LBofBromley #
  • Try this IFTTT Recipe: When I Tweet, post to LinkedIn. #
  • test tweet #
  • Magnini sviluppa un nuovo orecchio sul @corriereit #
  • Whoever talks of Muller as a '(ex-)skeptic' doesn't know anything about climate science. Step forward @LiveScience with another #fail . #
  • L'unica motivazione per la "giustizia" sportiva sarebbe se nel #calcio tutti scommettessero- quindi andrebbe bene colpire nel mucchio (cont) #
  • (Cont) ergo la "giustizia" senza prove dimostra che il #calcio italiano è assolutamente corrotto. La @FIGCUfficiale sta distruggendo tutto #
English Omniclimate

Extending Ben Goldacre’s Appeal To Authority to real life

Bishop Hill has a post quoting Ben Goldacre’s “appeal to authority”:

“you have only two choices: you can either learn to interpret data yourself and come to your own informed conclusions; or you decide who to trust”

That statement misses a crucial point. It should be extended as:

“you have only two choices: you can either learn to interpret data yourself and come to your own informed conclusions; or you decide who to trust” AS LONG AS THEY APPEAR TRUSTWORTHY.

Because the Authority has to regain its authority every single time.

Otherwise it’s just a sell-out of the brain, sheepishly sticking eg to the opinion of the Royal Society no matter how stupid that opinion might become in the future.


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  • Security, tickets and now gift shops: an undercurrent verging on #London2012 disaster… (cont) #
  • (Cont) Tried buying #London2012 scarf. @nextofficial only delivers to OAPs and housewives. In shop it's almost impossible to see. #fail #
  • Glad to see @newscientist keep its low reporting standard by labeling Muller an 'ex-skeptic'. Why glad? Because I keep saving 143GBP/year #
  • Bologna 2/8/1980: bomba OLP detona per sbaglio. Tutto insabbiato. Fioravanti ergastolo, promessa libertà nonostante preced omicidi. Fine. #
  • BBC reporting makes it sound like eg second place didn't WIN a silver medal, rather LOST a gold one. I'd like see those journos compete… #
  • 15 mesi a Conte per non aver parlato di quanto non ha avuto effetto? È la volta che divorzio per sempre dal #calcio italiano. @FIGCUfficiale #
  • Oro per la Vezzali, Le magistrature di Palermo e Milano aprono un'inchiesta. #Londra2012 #
  • Uomo con pass olimpico in ascensore a #CasaItalia #Londra2012 : qui è come la vita, chi scende, chi sale. Rispondo: (cont) #
  • (Cont) e dico: nella Guida Galattica per Autostoppisti gli ascensori, intelligenti, decidono invece di fermarsi al piano terra… (Cont) #
  • (cont) …perché hanno capito che non vale la pena. L'uomo mi ha guardato, stretto la mano e detto che riuserà quelle parole. #Londra2012 #
  • Just added 4 pics to, all taken at Epinal American Cemetery in France. They're all sideways now, not sure why… #

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  • Science journos looking for prognostications in scientists haven't learned a thing about science @BBCr4today #
  • We have longer lifespan, fewer child and maternal deaths, fewer wars, lower violence. And you still fear the future @BBCr4today #totalfail #
  • "We cannot all live like Europeans and Americans"? March down to the nearest cave, you hopeless hypocrites! @BBCr4today #
  • I'm not a "conservative", "liberal", "socialist" or "libertarian". I'm a "Universalist": because I believe it's "the Universe, or nothing". #
  • Rabid greenies don't have it wrong. Without hope, humanity can only wither. But THEY are the hope-killers. It's a Crime Against the Future. #
  • Chi creda non ci siano risorse per il benessere dell'Umanità si trasferisca nella caverna più vicina e viva di bacche e carcasse. Grazie! #
  • . @BarryJWoods @drgrist @etzpcm @revkin @leohickman anybody who falls for Lewandosky's rubbish is a mindless twat. That much we know. #agw in reply to BarryJWoods #
  • . @szabosolicitors of course. Without catastrophes there'd be no political interest and climatology would be treated like any space science. in reply to szabosolicitors #
  • Magnini lumaca. Attendiamoci su Twitter un'altra valanga contro la #Pellegrini @tpellizzari #Londra2012 #
  • Shin A Lam non poteva lasciare la pedana perché nella scherma significa accettare il verdetto e rinunciare alla protesta. @tpellizzari #
  • Monti vede la luce in fondo al tunnel. È UN TRENO! È UN TRENO! #Italia #
  • By far the worst thing at the Olympics is the souvenir stand. Unless one is fanatical about pins. #London2012 #