Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-27

  • A new low for journalism #
  • By following the stupidest alarmism about the Arctic, @Avaaz has made me…skeptical of all their other efforts as well. Congrats. #
  • . @marioadinolfi pensavo fossi meno 'benpensante'. Ho ascoltato ora Fioravanti a @LaZanzaraR24 e non hai capito niente. in reply to marioadinolfi #
  • Draghi affossa lo spread. I cinesi sicuramente non ne sono sorpresi… @simonespetia @alinomilan #
  • Who would have thought computer simulations would have degenerated into analyses of b-movie catastrophe scenarios @DiscoverMag in reply to DiscoverMag #
  • Rimosso Sindaco Pechino causa incompetenza. La Repubblica Popolare, esempio di democrazia per l' Italia! /sarc #
  • Taking advantage of latest weather events to promote #agw propaganda is a wasted effort with short-lived consequences #
  • New WYSI_not_WYG interface for #Confluence 4,0 feels like 20th Century throwback. Hopefully @atlassian will get 5.0 out soon. #

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