Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-24

  • . @KLSouth @deadvoter @piersmorgan as most killers are male shouldn't we ban MEN? #AuroraShooting in reply to deadvoter #
  • Right on! Especially if ads have an athlete's pic! MT @SciencePunk: from today to Aug12, I won't buy anything with a #London2012 logo on it. #
  • #LondonBridge a mess today. What will it become during #London2012 a refugee camp? @MayorOfLondon @Se_Railway #
  • #NASA went to the Moon for the last time in 1972 and started its Mission to Planet Earth the same year. Going nowhere. #space #
  • Se matrimonio e famiglia si basassero sulla procreazione, il primo verrebbe proibito a infertili e vecchietti. @LaZanzaraR24 #
  • Security risk for @London2012 @MayorOfLondon : Olympic personnel boarding public trains with their badges clearly visible. #London2012 #
  • Yikes! In time for #London2012 … MT @thef35: we delivered the 1st international F-35 to the UK Thursday #
  • Virgin "SuperHub" idiotically stuck on noisy WiFi channel in auto mode. Fixed it. How the h&ll do non-techies manage, I won't ever know. #
  • THE TWELVE SECONDS THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!! (between minutes 2:47 and2:59) #climate #energy #agw #
  • 1920s: mass movements. 1940s: mass killings. 1950s: mass media. 1970s: more mass killings. 1990s: yet again. 2010s: mass murders. #
  • Try as you might, you won't ever find an old sci-fi movie showing people of 2012 writing on and playing with smart mobile phones… #
  • Remember the lonely alien Monolith of "2001: A Space Odissey"? WELL, WE'VE BEEN INVADED BY 0,000,000's OF THEM and we call them "Tablets"!!! #

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