Omnologos – Twitter Updates for 2012-07-20

  • Tom and Katie have reached a divorce agreement remarkably quickly…any surge in attempted suicides among trash journalists yet? #
  • #bbcgolf has an interactive video player for the Open. I wonder if viewers can nudge the ball too? Or vote which direction it should go… #
  • Invidio fortissimamente tutti coloro che hanno fiducia nella Giustizia e nell'operato dei magistrati in #Italia . #
  • Everybody making bogus claims against the Freedom Of Information Act should be deported to North Korea with a CIA badge in the pocket. #foia #
  • 1) Open peer-review. 2) Remove editors from publishing decision. 3) Full data and code disclosure. @dougmcneall @clim8resistance in reply to dougmcneall #
  • Peers say "publish it", editors ought to publish it. "Peer-review" indeed, not editor's. @dougmcneall @clim8resistance in reply to dougmcneall #
  • Why "pricey"? Papers with mysterious data and/or code impossible to replicate obviously. @dougmcneall @clim8resistance #

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